Public Image Ltd – First Issue (Reissue)

The Sex Pistols were always going to be a hard act to follow, even for 22 year old anarchist frontman, Johnny Rotten. Following the band's collapse, Rotten reverted to his birth name, Lydon, and formed Public Image Ltd (aka PiL) with Clash castaway Keith Levene and Can nut / bassist Jah Wobble. It saw the unpredictable Lydon returning to his arty, … [Read more...]

Dntel – Life Is Full of Possibilties

You know that really famous early 90s album with the naked baby in the swimming pool on the cover?  You know how, like, everyone with even a tenuous connection to pop music has been reveling in that album’s 20th anniversary and forthcoming re-release for what feels like a year now?  Well, the day is finally here, and people are pulling out all the … [Read more...]

Gabor Szabo – Jazz Raga

Jazz Raga, Hungarian-born guitarist Gabor Szabo’s third solo album, is his most recent to receive the remaster/reissue treatment (and Light in the Attic has given him his most loving treatment yet, with original artwork, a 40-page booklet featuring unpublished photos, interviews with the band, and a feature from a jazz magazine from the time of … [Read more...]

Q-Tip – Kamaal the Abstract

When A Tribe Called Quest decided to call it quits, many of us wept, including yours truly. Undoubtedly, as sad as it was, the group’s creative differences were too much to handle and when the dissention overwhelmed the fruition, it was time to call it quits. This created a void in hip-hop; one that would shoulder a heavy burden of shadowed … [Read more...]

The Beatles: Remastered

Imaginative, experimental, gifted, trendsetters, remarkable and simply special are all words that can be used to describe John, Paul, George and Ringo: The Beatles. They were all about making albums to thrill and love and terrific as they were, they knew how to make everything come off like it was the easiest music in the world to make. Beginning … [Read more...]

The Silent Boys – Progression: 1986-1991

I'm not gonna lie: I like re-issues of 80s post-punk and indie-rock gems. A handful of these, including ones by Crippled Pilgrims and Dumptruck, have stood the test of time and sound prescient. The Silent Boys has now released Progression: 1986-1991 as a retrospective of its early days. The band has re-formed and released a few albums in recent … [Read more...]

Red Red Meat – Bunny Gets Paid (Deluxe Edition)

Sub Pop originally released Chicago band Red Red Meat’s third album Bunny Gets Paid in 1995, and have recently reissued it as a double disc with a remaster job (courtesy of drummer Brian Deck) and a half hour of bonus material from that era. 2009 is almost fifteen years on and the “music scene” can seem like it’s splintered into a semi-coherent web … [Read more...]