Q&A with Emma Ruth Rundle of Marriages

Hello Emma Ruth!  I’m so stoked to be doing this interview with you and finding out more about your latest band Marriages.  From what I understand, this is the second band that you, Dave Clifford, and Greg Burns have been in together, the first one being post-rock outfit Red Sparowes.  Emma Ruth, you also recently formed the band The Nocturnes with … [Read more...]

The Nocturnes – Aokigahara

The Nocturnes is another feather in the cap of Red Sparowes member Emma Ruth Rundle.  The band formed in 2007 as a duo, comprised of Emma of Daniel Yasmin, but has since reformulated itself, replacing Daniel with Dave Clifford (also of Red Sparowes), Julian Rifkin, and Paris Patt.  In 2010 the quartet recorded Aokigahara, which was released on … [Read more...]