The Roots – How I Got Over

From those opening, gorgeous, chords – their sultry delivery, their soulful demeanor, their jazzy glean, everything – signals that The Roots are back. “A Peace of Light” isn’t just one of their best openers to date but introducing How I Got Over with such a reaffirming, calming ray of light never carried so much peace of mind before. All puns … [Read more...]

Thavius Beck – Dialogue

Thavius Beck is, for all intents and purposes, "Hip-House". Now if you’re like me, you find that particular moniker to be rhetorically bankrupt. But Thavius defines the term better than anyone else. The L.A. based producer has always drawn more inspiration from monolithic principals of electronic music (Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada) than, say, … [Read more...]

Year in Review: The Best Hip-Hop of 2009

Like any other form of music, hip-hop requires an honest effort to find the highest-quality of music. If you went with what was solely played on top 40 radio you’d be terribly lost. Luckily, with the world of internet, there are many ways to experience music and even, to sample before purchasing. With that said, I want to encourage everyone to … [Read more...]

Wale – Attention Deficit

There was a lot of potential for Wale, a D.C.–based rapper that had a world of opportunities in front of him. In typical fashion, employing their eye for talent and ear for music, The Roots featured him on Rising Up’s bumping, lively closer, “Rising Down.” After Black Thought had set everything up for him with a few high-caliber verses and … [Read more...]

Katastrophe – The Worst Amazing

Poetry is a tricky form of writing. For some, it’s confusion beyond definition trying to understand some of the great poets’ best works. While for others, analyzing and studying a short five-line poem to death creates the finest reward imaginable. When you’re the kind of rapper that started out as a poet by competing in poetry slams since 1997, I … [Read more...]

Speech Debelle – Speech Therapy

I’ll go ahead and spoil the whole thing for you: in the 51.7 minute entirety of Speech Therapy, nobody gets shot. There are no signature dance moves, no area code shoutouts, and you probably can’t purchase any of these songs as a ringtone. The MC only has one tattoo and it’s of a music note curled up around some dumb colloquialism. She routinely … [Read more...]

Skiggy Rapz – Bang to the Boogie EP

Outlining laid-back, relaxed rhymes and lyrics with a feverish flow, Dutch rapper/producer, Skiggy Rapz (Marcel Tegelaar), delivers music in a wide array of styles. A difference that isn’t conveyed so much in the actual genre but more so, the technique utilized in his songs, Tegelaar is a flashy and easygoing fellow. And for the most part, his new … [Read more...]

Mos Def – The Ecstatic

The opening lines of Mos Def's fourth studio album, The Ecstatic, describes the need for change. The word itself was our president's driving theme and here, Mos Def uses it for that same purpose: the change needed can be something as small as a different record label. And on the Brooklyn MC's new album, this change has revitalized him and allowed … [Read more...]

Cale Sampson – Cale Sampson

Cale Sampson is a Canadian rapper looking to break out onto the music scene. Sampson was always one that closely worked with other Heads Connect artists and he positioned himself nicely to deliver his self-titled debut in the early part of 2009. With this two disc release (the second being a generous amount of demos) Sampson features a few flaws … [Read more...]

K-The-I??? – Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

Hard-hitting, no nonsense, straight to the point hip-hop albums are a dying breed. It's rare to find anything that doesn't require at least an hour of your time. And although that may be OK sometimes, it's always a treat to find a breath of fresh air. There is nothing compromised on K-The-I???'s latest hard-hitting effort, Yesterday, Today & … [Read more...]