Interview with Walter Schreifels

Walter Schreifels is a definitive member of the hardcore scene. These days he's wrapping up a new solo album An Open Letter To The Scene and already supporting it in major cities worldwide. Rival Schools has a new album coming out this year. It's never a dull moment as Schreifels explains. Delusions of Adequacy: It seems like the only time you … [Read more...]

We’ll Go Machete – s/t EP

We'll Go Machete's self-titled debut EP is a stout bit of rock music. Exploring the roughage of 1990's hard rock and post-punk, this Austin band hacks more so than slashes with their sound. Their sinewy songs roundly amplify a paced but aggressive sonic attack. Post-punk riffage and hard rock confidence are its method. To rival those chugging, … [Read more...]