Ruby Throat – O’ Doubt O’ Stars

The U.K.-based, alt-folk noir pair of KatieJane Garside and Chris Whittingham is back with a third album of sonically subtle, yet emotionally acute reflections and reveries.  The minimal arrangements of Chris’s guitar-craft and KatieJane’s airy, imploringly wistful vocals give the evocative (sometimes bleakly, sometimes hopefully) lyrics maximum … [Read more...]

Ruby Throat – “Barebaiting”

KatieJane Garside and Chris Wittingham of Ruby Throat both appear in the second video that Chris directed for a song off the duo’s sophomore album Out of a Black Cloud Came a Bird.  Chris trades the diaphanous images of “In the Arms of Flowers”, the first video he directed, for the inky black and sunlight-white visuals of “Barebaiting”.  The tap of … [Read more...]

Ruby Throat – “In the Arms of Flowers”

Chris Wittingham, one half of Ruby Throat, has applied his talent to directing a video for “In the Arms of Flowers” off of the duo’s sophomore album Out of a Black Cloud Came a Bird and it features KatieJane Garside, the other half of Ruby Throat, and a brief glimpse of Chris in shirtsleeves, vest, and hat. Chris captures the ephemeral … [Read more...]

Interview with Ruby Throat

Hello Katie Jane and Chris!  I am so thrilled to be doing this interview with you.  Ruby Throat’s debut album The Ventriloquist and second album Out Of A Black Cloud Came A Bird are hauntingly delicate and achingly disquieting masterworks of heart-rending suffering and exquisite beauty.  Can you go into some details about the differences between … [Read more...]