Joss Cope – Unrequited Lullabies

Having been released in early-October on the Gare Du Nord record label Unrequited Lullabies is a party already in full swing, so apologies from both DOA and your humble reviewer for our tardiness. We mean to have fun now that we're here. Deciding if Joss Cope is on or under the radar is a tough call. Having first pitched up, alongside older … [Read more...]

Mandala Eyes – “Circles or Spirals?”

Florida based multi-instrumentalist Alex Alexander, better known by his stage name Mandala Eyes, has been releasing music ever since his first EP Living in 2010. Recently though, Alexander has started working on his latest project Cymatics. The first single of the ongoing project was released earlier this summer and is titled “Circles or … [Read more...]

Mwahaha – Mwahaha

So they’ve got a name that sounds silly or sinister depending how you say it. They’ve played at Warp Records’ SXSW showcase and collaborated with Tuneyards’ Merril Garbus on their debut album produced by Eli Crews (Deerhoof, WHY?). As an experimental avant-garde band, Mwahaha’s credentials are tight and this release on Plug Research is an expanded … [Read more...]

Robyn Hitchcock – Love From London

Since forming The Soft Boys in the late 70s Robyn Hitchcock has remained a prolific song writer and recording artist. His 19th solo album Love from London features a bit of London, a lot of love and a giant green eye on the cover. That’s typical of Hitchcock’s music; sounds and themes that are familiar mixed with the surreal and unexpected. Such … [Read more...]

Pure X – Pleasure

Scaling back their original name - Pure Ecstasy - to the less specific Pure X made sense for this Texas trio. There is a minimalism at work in their music and approach – a purity of execution to their simple, bulbous rhythms and a direct honesty to their record-this-shit-live-while-it’s-hot approach. The “Ecstasy” from their name lives on in the … [Read more...]

Howlin Rain – The Russian Wilds

The early 1970s hard rock sound (popularized by Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Aerosmith, and Queen, among others) left an indelible stamp on the music industry. In the decades since, literally hundreds of bands have taken a page or two from the originals. Unfortunately, the vast majority of acts amount to little more than redundant emulators who lack the … [Read more...]

Q&A with Inca Gold

Hi guys! I’m thoroughly enjoying your first two EPs, Inca Gold I and Inca Gold II, which are part of a series of three EPs. Who’s in the band and what instruments do you play? How did you all meet up? We are Ezequiel Claverie (Vocals/Guitars/Keyboards), Ben Chatwin (Guitars/Keyboards), Alex Lewis (Drums) & Chris Howarth (Bass). Alex: We … [Read more...]

Q&A with Paul Waclawsky of The Boxing Lesson

Hello Paul! How are you doing? I’m excited to find out more about you after catching your fantastic video for the slow-burning stunner “Muerta”, which I reviewed here at DOA. I’ve also had the chance to listen to the whole Muerta EP, which you released in the beginning of August on New Fortune Records. When did you first start up the band and have … [Read more...]

The Boxing Lesson – “Muerta” video

“Muerta” by The Boxing Lesson is a grand, deliberately-paced slow-builder awash with bluesy slide guitar lines, deep, solemn organ notes, and tense, pained vocals from lead vocalist Paul Waclawsky. Paul’s lamenting vocals arc upwards in airy anguish, as he strings out the words “…waiting to die.”, backed by Jaylinn Davidson’s sweeter-toned vocals. … [Read more...]

Wooden Shjips – West

The basis of manifest destiny was an idea that through spiritual entitlement, the United States was fated to expand all the way west, until land met ocean. A destiny that ultimately proved to be very considerable was driven behind the notion that it was ‘meant to be’. For many, travelling west continues to bear significance simply because once you … [Read more...]