Violet Woods – self-titled

Having debuted in late-2012 with the sublime Raw Love 7” for The Great Pop Supplement label and the dreamy download-only “Driftwood Royalty” single, it’s taken some time for the Cambridge-grown Violet Woods to fashion an album-sized release.  After two immersive sessions in the analogue Aladdin’s Cave of London’s Soup Studios during the course of … [Read more...]

The See See – Once, Forever And Again

Having been treated to such a gratifying and career-boosting ‘story so far’ celebration with Sundazed’s highly-recommended singles-led Days, Nights & Late Morning Lights anthology earlier in this year, The See See’s third proper studio album comes loaded and primed with a sturdier sense of collective confidence as well as signs of greater … [Read more...]

Virginia Wing – “Red Sails” b/w “Creation” 7″

Although it’s easy for new artists to push themselves out into the world via digital outlets, nothing really makes for a better fledgling calling card than the timeless 7” single.  This is something that Critical Heights knows well via the label's string of one-off and stepping-stone single releases, with this offering from Virginia Wing being the … [Read more...]

Stellarscope – Call Me Destroyer

Stellarscope's This Is Who We Are album was released in February and this EP is a follow up of sorts; not quite a new full release but far from merely outtakes from the album sessions either. If the album had an overall feel to it, it was one of Stellarscope displaying a lightness of touch which balanced their weightier moments with some practised … [Read more...]

Company Man – The Headless

Steve Slovacek's story is fascinating, he grew up a closeted-homosexual/atheist in a devout Mormon family. While in college at BYU, he dropped out and eventually ended up in New York City. New York starts scaring the hell out of Steve, so he moves with his parents in the Czech Republic to a Mormon church in Prague. With an EP already under his … [Read more...]

Green Palm Radiation- Green Palm Radiation

If you want something done right, you do it yourself.  Jay Newberry takes that old saying, and he absolutely runs with it. On the self-titled debut, Newberry is responsible for every instrument, with the exception of the drums on one track. I guess it's hard to find indie rockers wandering around in Guelph, Ontario. And at the time of the press … [Read more...]