KingBathmat – Truth Button

Judging by the name KingBathmat, one might think that the music contained on the group’s newest LP, Truth Button, would be an inaccessible mess of eclectic madness. Luckily, the opposite is true; in fact, it’s been awhile since I’ve heard such a tightly arranged and melodically enjoyable collection. The album oozes with psychedelic style and … [Read more...]

Landing – Landing

Landing albums have always been beauties regardless of volume, but they've usually been typecast as music for sleep or rest, operating well at lower volumes. Not so with their first album of new music in 6 years, the self-titled Landing. The louder you play it, the better it gets. The personnel for this album is Aaron Snow, Adrienne Snow, and … [Read more...]

Arbouretum – The Gathering

Writing about the self or from the self in one way or the other is the point of reference for a majority of song-based rock music. This usually brings to mind songs filled with first-person reflections on attitudes, motivations, social relations, needs, desires, and emotions. Though the language and themes inevitably are simple and repetitious, … [Read more...]

Dustin Wong – Infinite Love

Psych guitarists are eschewing bandmates at a greater rate every year. Although composing and recording trippy jams by oneself is nothing new (the 70’s saw great work in this area by Steve Hillage, Manuel Gottsching, and many others), the ease with which anyone can record whatever they want for little to no cost has helped usher in an explosion in … [Read more...]

Common Prayer – There Is A Mountain

A frequently impressive and often stunning album that could trigger emotional responses from dinosaurs, if it had the chance, maybe... Not affiliated with The Book of Common Prayer, though it would be very good if they could get an endorsement for it, wouldn't it? Common Prayer like to do conventional things in unconventional ways like writing … [Read more...]

Free the Robots – Ctrl Alt Delete

The music scene in LA has to be one of the richest areas if you want to be someone in the dubstep/producer sport. Like contemporaries Flying Lotus and Nosaj Thing, Free the Robots is a fuzzed out, beated in, electronic whirlwind of jagged music. Pushing forward with the pedal at the type of tempo that you’d refer to as Adagio, this isn’t the … [Read more...]

Built to Spill – There Is No Enemy

Built to Spill spent the first decade of the new millennium stretching out. It took them three years to transform from a band that could only play a handful of songs immediately following the release of their 1997 masterwork Perfect From Now On to one that was jamming tracks out to the 20-minute mark on 2000’s Live. After releasing the occasionally … [Read more...]

Øresund Space Collective – Good Planets Are Hard to Find

Traditional jam bands don't do much for me — sometimes I just want the damn song to end already! Lengthy instrumentals are most often background noise or unwanted annoyances in my life. But then, sometimes, a band comes along that breaks all of the conventions. The things that annoy you about its peers will perhaps endear you to it. This is the … [Read more...]