Artists-On-Albums: AOA#1 (Owen Tromans on High Beams)

Owen Tromans on... Magic Lantern’s High Beams (Not Not Fun Records, 2009) For me the album is a sacred form, perhaps not for those who have grown up with iTunes and YouTube, but I feel that a great album is a mystical object, best enjoyed as a whole.  So much of my life is tied up with particular albums that their lyrics and sounds rattle … [Read more...]

The Cubists – Mechanical Advantage

The Cubists’ Mechanical Advantage, opens with "Fire In The Back Yard", a poppy alt-rock tune that starts all sleek and gritty like a track off a Spoon record and smoothly shifts halfway through to punchy and textured guitar-rock like an early Radiohead song. This is followed by the soft and airy synth lines and shoegazing guitar swirls of "The … [Read more...]

Diagonals – Valley of the Cyclops

From Austin, Texas this five-piece brings us a debut album that is both upbeat and a bit gloomy at the same time.  The music begs one to get up and shake it retro-style while both the tone and lyrics cast a bit of a different feel.  The contrast is interesting, something I might expect out of a Quentin Tarantino film soundtrack.  The dusty guitars, … [Read more...]