psych pop | DOA - Part 2

MGMT – Congratulations


MGMT has the same problem that many bands have going into a second record after a successful debut. Usually one of two things happens:  they can of make another record along the same vein of the catchy tech pop songs as the first release or start over and write a completely new record. It appears that MGMT veered towards the second. As a person who … [Read more...]

CNC – No Mood

CNC - No Mood

There is a foundation here, but No Mood just doesn't work. The foundation is a synth heavy breed of psychedelic pop. The band, a Polish duo called CNC, takes a shoegazer's approach to this music, slowing down the rhythms and mumbling vocals that disappear into the music. Problem is, these guys just don't have the aesthetics down yet. The title … [Read more...]

Robert Schneider (The Apples in Stereo) Side Project

Lo-fi heavy psych-pop acid rockers Thee American Revolution began as a home-recording collaboration between Elephant 6 co-founder Robert Schneider and brother-in-law Craig Morris. Schneider is best known as front-man of The Apples in Stereo, and producer of many beloved records, including both Neutral Milk Hotel albums. The band’s highly … [Read more...]

Interview with Netherfriends


Netherfriends released their second EP this year, Calling You Out, which was a whirlwind of sounds, layers, and gorgeous melodies. We talked with Netherfriends’ main man, Shawn Rosenblatt about the EP, and the recording process. Delusions of Adequacy: The Calling You Out EP doesn't sound at all like you were short on ideas. Was there a conscious … [Read more...]

Ecovillage- Phoenix Asteroid

Ecovillage- Phoenix Asteroid

Ecovillage makes music so ethereal and airy that everything just seems suspended. The Swedish dream-poppers fill up the listener's ears with an overload of synths, to encompass the band in a full haze. There's no denying that Phoenix Asteroid is a crystal clear gaze into the essence of dream-pop, and for that representation, Ecovillage deserves … [Read more...]

Netherfriends- Calling You Out EP

Netherfriends- Calling You Out EP

EPs can usually be taken with a grain of salt; placeholders for the real deal, the LP. The EP isn't the place a band wants to flex all of their muscle. Netherfriends either didn't get the memo, shoving out  its finest tunes, or the members really are just tuning up until the LP is ready. If they are just 'fucking around' on Calling You Out and … [Read more...]

The Rollo Treadway – s/t


The Rollo Treadway's self-titled album was self-released, but don't expect that from the next one.  This mixture of the Beach Boys and Elliott Smith is a pleasure for any fan of baroque pop music.  David Sandholm and company are on to something and everyone's going to want in. The album's influences are clear from the guitar tone of the opening … [Read more...]