Short Takes on Three Albums

Smoke Fairies - Ghosts V2 Records Smoke Fairies is the London-based duo of Katherine Blamire and Jessica Davies and the U.S.-only release Ghosts compiles their first two singles and an EP into a 9-song disc of hauntingly stark and beautiful noir alt-folk tunes that revolve around the gals’ ethereal to earthy dual … [Read more...]

Jo Gabriel – Hunting Down the Ceremony

Singer-songwriter/pianist Jo Gabriel releases a 2-disc, 32-song compilation that spans most of her musical career, presenting a captivating collection that includes many rare tracks as well as newly-released songs, and features Jo’s airy, yearning, restlessly wavering vocals and her delicately flowing and stirring piano-playing (in essence, her … [Read more...]

Katzenjammer Kabarett – Grand Guignol & Variétés

Voilà, the second album from the French quartet made up of Mary Komplikated, Herr Katz, Klischee, and Mr. Guillotine, and, as the album title denotes, Katzenjammer Kabarett revels in traipsing through a variety of styles, from 1980s synth-pop to dark cabaret melodramatics to classical strings and piano notes.  The lyrics are streaked with a sly, … [Read more...]

Melodyguild – Aitu EP

Suzanne Perry, best known for her enchanting, ethereal vocals on many a Love Spirals Downwards song, is back after almost a decade with a new band called Melodyguild, which also features Matt Gleason on guitars, Nicholas Pallos on drums, and John West on bass.  The band has a 4-song EP out titled Aitu on Projekt Records, which was also the home of … [Read more...]