Efterklang at the Bowery Ballroom, NY 3/23/13

As a farewell to winter, New York's Bowery Ballroom hosted the unique melancholic space pop of Efterklang. Having wowed NY in September at the Metropolitan Museum of Art performing alongside the Wordless Orchestra, the city was clearly ready for another fix. Performing with a lineup featuring childhood friends; Casper Clausen, Mads Brauer and … [Read more...]

Struck By Lightning – True Predation

Befitting their name, Struck by Lightning stimulates the listening senses with a punishing first “strike” (no pun intended; well, maybe pun intended). “Sickening Reality”, the first track, enters with a flourish of feedback coined by a slow, heavy climb to what then becomes a punk drumbeat with unblemished guitar chugs. The natural transition from … [Read more...]

One Hundred Flowers – Mechanical Bride

Lead Singer Harrison Speck’s stoic voice intertwined with shimmering piano undertones and vintage guitar distortion carefully placates the listening appetite on One Hundred Flower’s full-length album, Mechanical Bride. The Austin, Texas quintet manages to be honest not only lyrically but also musically while balancing tasteful backing female … [Read more...]

Q&A with Rorie, Chris and Shawn of INVERTA

Rorie, Chris & Shawn, the trio of professional musicians who have come together to form their dream group, answer questions about standing alone as a 3 piece, auditions for that possible 4th member, and their plans for licensing the unnamed songs. Inverta has reviewed over 600 digital resumes from potential singers and auditioned 100. Has … [Read more...]

RPWL – The Gentle Art of Music

Progressive rock is often associated with grandiose costumes, concepts, composition and lengths (between twenty and thirty minutes). But this is not always the case, as German quintet RPWL prove. Their songs are relatively short and simple for the genre, and they prefer to write lush, catchy and gorgeous pop/rock songs instead of fantastical epics … [Read more...]

Anathema – We’re Here Because We’re Here

Most albums can be comfortably sorted on the scale between “terrible” and “fantastic.” We enjoy them immensely or not at all. However, there are also those rare albums that transcend such classification because they are too special and too important. They are our favorite albums of all time and nothing short of a gift to our lives. … [Read more...]

Emanuel and the Fear – Listen

I’ll just begin bluntly; Emanuel and the Fear’s new LP, Listen, is astonishing, especially for a debut. It’s a nineteen song suite of masterfully executed pop/jazz/rock with enough orchestral synthesis to make ELO blush. Like so many other examples I’ve heard, it’s an underground, modest record far greater than anything new you’ll hear on the … [Read more...]

Kalamazoo – How To Hunt A Deer

Is it important that I mention that Kalamazoo is French? The band themselves probably wouldn't think so, and none of their declared influences are european. The Parisian four piece are fully paid up anglophiles, aficianados of the works of Kings Of Leon, Radiohhead, Interpol, Pixies, Arctic Monkeys .... none of them French bands. What does this … [Read more...]

Heat From a Deadstar – Seven Rays of the Sun

The first thing I noticed about this British bands' latest full length was that Rick Harte, owner of Ace of Hearts Records and Mission of Burma producer, was behind the scenes. I knew from here on in that I was going to get something special. I'm a long time fan of Mission of Burma and the raw layered production - thanks to Rick Harte - on their … [Read more...]

Tarcutta – s/t

The term “post-rock” has always contained something of a shape shifting quality; ever since the term worked its way into popular culture vocabulary back in the 1990’s, critics and fans alike have furiously debated as to whether or not the genre provides the means for rocking of any sort.  With a mission to utilize rock instrumentation in the most … [Read more...]