New album from Winter Calling

Tampa Bay's hard-rocking prog masters Winter Calling has released its first album, titled As Darkness Falls.  Winter Calling is a new music project featuring critically-acclaimed musicians including Wayne Hoefle – winner of “Best Original Score” by the Florida Motion Picture and Television Association – and Ian Medhurst – who tours with John Wesley … [Read more...]

Halaska – Mayantology

Formed a couple of years ago in Austin, TX, Halaska is a progressive rock quartet that “confidently walks the line between indie and avant garde music.” On their first LP, Mayantology, (which is also their first release to feature vocals), the group demonstrates decent compositional prowess, as gripping guitar riffs meld with sporadic rhythmic … [Read more...]

The Flower Kings – Desolation Rose

As the foremost Swedish authorities on symphonic progressive rock, Roine Stolt and his Flower Kings are no strangers to expectations. Having produced over a dozens studio works over the last twenty years, the band clearly aims to please fans as quickly as possible. On Desolation Rose, they definitely do. Released barely a year after its … [Read more...]

Emanuel and the Fear – The Janus Mirror

Four years ago, Brooklyn troupe Emanuel and the Fear released its initial LP, Listen. A nineteen song suite full of brilliantly orchestrated pop/jazz/rock/prog, its idiosyncratic inventiveness blew my mind. Truthfully, it’s still one of the best debuts I’ve ever heard, and I, like many, wondered how (and if) they’d ever be able to top it. … [Read more...]

Lifesigns – Lifesigns

These days, supergroups and guest appearances are very commonplace in the progressive rock realm, so it comes as no surprise that the self-titled debut by Lifesigns contains both. Featuring the talents of Robin Boult (John Young Band), Steve Hackett (Genesis), Thijs Van Leer (Focus) and Jakko Jakszyk (King Crimson), the record is at once familiar … [Read more...]

Fen – Of Losing Interest

Canadian outfit Fen packs a lot of detail and energy into its fifth LP, Of Losing Interest. The follow-up to 2010’s more somber and acoustic Trails out of Gloom, the record is a powerhouse of staccato guitar riffs, spastic rhythms, and forceful singing. Although not all of its melodies resonant equally and it can feel too familiar at times, the … [Read more...]

Circa – And So On

Supergroups are nothing new in progressive rock—there’s Transatlantic, ELP, Asia, Liquid Tension Experiment, The Tangent, and OSI (just to name a few). While a project consisting of several artists from several different bands is an exciting prospect, there is always the risk that the music will sound too similar to the members’ main bands. With … [Read more...]

Omar Rodriguez Lopez – Telesterion

With a solo catalog that spans not even 10 years yet boasts more than a dozen (and counting) albums of original material, it seemed sort of inevitable that songwriter and guitar demigod Omar Rodriguez Lopez would try his hand at tidying up more than 150 tracks worth of volatile experimental rock and whittling them down to a judicious collection of … [Read more...]

The Galactic Cowboy Orchestra – All Out of Peaches

With their 2009 debut, Lookin’ For A Little Strange, MN quartet The Galactic Cowboy Orchestra announced itself as a powerful, complex melting pot of styles. Now, they’ve upped the ante even more on their sophomore effort, All Out of Peaches—it’s a mesmerizing record. The GCO consists of John Wright (bass), Lisi Wright (fiddle), Dan Neale … [Read more...]

Vreid – V

Though having been around since 2004 when, from the demise of the band Windir (after the death of one of the members) Vreid emerged, it was with their fourth album  Milorg in 2009 that their name started to be talked about in the same breath as the big names in Black Metal. 2010 saw the band selectively choosing shows and festivals whilst … [Read more...]