Travis & Fripp – Live At Coventry Cathedral

Robert Fripp is a figurative deity amongst experienced musicians and music aficionados. As the founder of King Crimson (considered by many to be the first true progressive rock band), Fripp is one of the most innovative and influential guitarists of the last fifty years. While branching out to new styles is always welcomed, Fripp should always, at … [Read more...]

Frogg Café – Bateless Edge

Avant-garde prog has a tendency to simply drift along. The musicianship is always fantastic, the ideas are plentiful and rapid, and the timbres are vast, but there is usually a lack of cohesion and direction that prevents the music from being captivating. Bateless Edge, the fourth LP by Frogg Café, is largely a victim of this, but there are some … [Read more...]

At Dusk – Small Light

In 20 tracks, Small Light picks, taps, and  strums out a warm, intimate farewell letter to an original hybrid of folk and mathy post-punk. After 10 years, Portland trio At Dusk deem this fourth effort their last and most accomplished to date. The band calls it "prog folk"—their unique sound marked by richly textured, multi-part guitars snapping … [Read more...]

Muskox – 5 Pieces

Toronto’s Muskox is a wily musical beast using acoustic instrumentation to explore overlapping jazzy and minimalist structures. With instrumentation provided mainly by banjo, harmonium, saxophone, double bass, cello, vibes, and other mallet instruments, the band eschews drums altogether, though that doesn’t mean they’re lacking in rhythm. In fact, … [Read more...]

Subarachnoid Space – Eight Bells

Subarachnoid Space came along at a weird time for me musically. Amidst my bout of slow, often mushy acoustic/indie and my foray into the works of Porcupine Tree and Isis, Subarachnoid falls closest to the latter. Thankfully I was in the mood, otherwise I don't know how I would feel about this band. That sounds unfair and is contradictory to my … [Read more...]

Aficionado – The Myth About Real Life

About a year and a half ago, I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Aficionado via their fantastic Circus Music album. It was a very innovative, skillful and fun record from a band of masterful arrangers who still maintain the carefree energy and rebellion of High School recluses. Their follow up is the short but sweet EP The Myth About Real … [Read more...]

Distant Lights – Simulacrum

As much as I adore virtuosity and complex arrangements, I also admire good, simple songwriting. Very often we’re given one or the other by bands, and while that’s fine, the most respectable acts fuse them. With Simulacrum, Distant Lights has done just that. Sometimes there is a clear separation between the two, but for the most part, the album is … [Read more...]