The History Of Colour TV – Something Like Eternity

The band website says much about The History Of Colour TV and their music even before the first notes have spilled out of the speakers. An animated sequence of dark, rain heavy stormclouds blowing overhead, preparing to unleash all manner of thunderous weather conditions. As an introduction to the Berlin-based post-rock trio, whose third album … [Read more...]

Gravitysays_i – Quantum Unknown

Their first album in over five years, Gravitysays_i are perhaps a well-known outfit in the further reaches of the progressive scene, although prior to this the Greek band were entirely unknown to this reviewer, despite their having formed in 2003 and Quantum Unknown being their third full-length release. Listening to the album in its entirety only … [Read more...]

Owls Are Not – 2

Listening to the five tracks on 2, the second release from the Warsaw, Poland based Owls Are Not, I had a definite sensation of déjà vu. The frantic synth squalls, the virulent drumming, the random vocal and other samples and the actual tunes, all of it sounded distantly familiar, the various elements that make up the Owls Are Not sound each … [Read more...]

Brontosaurus – Our Animal Ways

Our Animal Ways is the second album from the Chicago-based duo of Nicholas Kelley and Nicholas Papaleo, augmented by the appearance of Josh Miller to assist in their highly developed and intricate music. Brontosaurus actually means 'thunder lizard' and the duo/trio bring a veritable storm of performances over the album's eight tracks, which while … [Read more...]

Zechs Marquise – Getting Paid

What is it about the Rodriguez-Lopez brood that enables such prodigious levels of music? Just trying to keep track of Omar’s output as a solo artist and as the guitarist for At the Drive-In and the Mars Volta is laborious enough, let alone his myriad collaborations and ventures into production. Dude’s also got three brothers who happened to take up … [Read more...]

ICS Vortex – Storm Seeker

When I first found out that ICS Vortex was going solo and about to release an album called Storm Seeker on Century Media I have to say that I was pretty excited.  I have always held ICS Vortex in high regard and have always found his work from his clean vocal offerings in Dimmu Borgir to front man duties of Arcturus to be rather compelling.  His … [Read more...]

Blitzen Trapper – Destroyer of the Void

After the success that Furr had found them, Blitzen Trapper was poised with an extremely considerable amount of attention. Here was a band that had started out with modest goals and ambitions, and through re-creating themselves with every new album they had also gained a sincere reputation as being an impeccably skillful band. They knew how to … [Read more...]

Innes Sibun – The Box Set

Perhaps Innes Sibun isn't a really familiar name to very many people. As an accomplished sideman playing alongside musicians whose credits listings include backing Bob Dylan, George Thorogood, and Ten Years After amongst others, also one whose extensive touring background has seen his band opening shows for headliners such as Taj Mahal, Johnny … [Read more...]

Rollerball – Two Feathers

Listening to the 15th studio album by the avant-garde gurus in Rollerball only confirms the weirdness hinted at in their backstory. Here we have a band that has successfully toured Europe five times in its fifteen-year run – and allegedly become the toast of Italy and Slovenia in the process – yet has failed to build any sizeable domestic … [Read more...]

Omar Rodriguez Lopez – Xenophanes

To call Omar Rodriguez Lopez’s musical output prolific – both as a solo artist and as a founding member of bands like At the Drive-In and the Mars Volta – might very well be an understatement; few if any guitarists can lay claim to having made appearances on more than two dozen recording projects in the past ten years, much less those with the … [Read more...]