New Sincerity Works – Wonder Lust

Cincinnati, Ohio-based New Sincerity Works originated in the summer of 2014 via Mike Tittel of The Loud Family and The Roger Klug Power Trio.  Tittel (songwriter, vocals, guitar, drums, keyboards) is joined by Roger Klug (guitar, vocals), Lauren Bray (vocals, keyboards), Greg Tudor (drums, vocals, pedal steel), Bob Nyswonger (bass, vocals), and … [Read more...]

Ralegh Long – Upwards Of Summer

Despite receiving a high degree of critical acclaim from both national press and radio quarters for his debut album, the pastoral singer-songwriterly Hoverance, Ralegh Long experienced something of personal negative reaction. Worn down by the demands of 'the biz' he considered calling things a day. Upwards Of Summer is, then, an album that nearly … [Read more...]

The Evening Shades – Alright

There are seven songs on my copy of the first album from The Evening Shades, although there are more than that number of songs to be found in their online music player. This isn't in any sense a complaint - the five additional tracks on the bands site are at least as listenable as those on Alright but for the purposes of this review I've decided to … [Read more...]

Brandt and Matt Huseman release Album as The Stereo Twins

Indie rock and power pop veterans, Brandt and Matt Huseman, continue their lifelong musical partnership with the dramatic, dynamic and diverse, Good News. After seven albums together in the '90s and early 2000's as members of The Greenberry Woods and Splitsville, the Baltimore-raised brothers devoted the last decade to exploring musical terrain … [Read more...]

Guided By Voices – English Little League

With 2012’s trilogy of LPs from the reformed ‘classic-era’ Guided By Voices, Robert Pollard undoubtedly exceeded expectations for the band’s recording comeback.  The challenge for 2013 is to prove that the GBV reunion is no fleeting detour from his other projects but a living, breathing and ongoing entity.  Pollard has also set the productivity bar … [Read more...]

FAO#35: Chris Brokaw & AC Newman

Better together or alone?  For some prolific artists who have spread their careers across multiple bands, side-projects and solo ventures it’s a question than can be asked repeatedly.  Teamwork can be essential for dynamic musical forging as shown through the catalytic reactions inherent in collaboration.  Yet single-minded solo visions can also … [Read more...]

Q&A with DL Byron

A previously posted part of this Interview contained statements made by DL Byron about Billy Joel which are completely untrue.  The artist who was being referenced was Billy Joe Royal, NOT Billy Joel. We regret the error. Hi DL!  It’s great to have this opportunity to be in contact with you and see what you’ve got going on in the musical sphere … [Read more...]

Elk City – House of Tongues

Have you heard of Elk City before?  If you have, it’s likely been in reference to the western Oklahoma community that’s only marginally known for its proximity to historic Route 66.  Listening to the polished pop of the New York band by the same name however, there are probably more connections to be drawn from the Mother Road’s western terminus … [Read more...]

Mas Rapido – Dumb is King!

This duo has been around for a long while, known originally as Cowboy & Spin Girl and later as Toothpaste 2000, with a lengthy discography attesting to their love of bright, rough-around-the-edges powerpop. Their career has spanned decades, as a duo and with individual efforts, stretching back into the early 80s in one form or another. With … [Read more...]

Kissing Party – The Hate Album

If there's one thing that never goes out of style, and I'm not sure why, it's the need for two minute pop songs. The novelty wore off, but the nostalgia kicked in, keeping the genre's relevance. Kissing Party seems like they took the crash course and learned every trick they needed to know. Fifteen songs, thirty minutes; it's one quick jingle to … [Read more...]