Echolocation – Revenge of the Yes Men

Despite its seemingly heavy dependence on the deadpan delivery pioneered by Mark E. Smith of The Fall, Echolocation isn't just a Fall-ripoff band. The band isn't that easy to peg at all, actually. At times heavy and abrasive (as on "Another Thing"), at times pastoral ("Leap of Faith"), and at other times almost dada ("Fish Muzik"), Echolocation … [Read more...]

Fangs Out – Speech Shadowing

The Ohio-based duo Fangs Out has an interesting take on post-punk. The two switch off on drums, guitar, and bass to create songs that hew to an unsophisticated kind of minimalism that doesn't ever swing for the fences. Instead, it's music that focuses on simple ideas and playing to make its point. Given the constraints of having just two band … [Read more...]

The Silence Kit – Dislocations

The last release by Philly's The Silence Kit has its moments, and the new record Dislocations does as well. Overall, though, this one doesn't have quite the same overall impact and it's difficult to say exactly what's changed. The music hasn't changed drastically. This album sounds as though the band has gone for more of an 80s sound. Opener … [Read more...]

The Lucy Show – …Undone

We owe the Words On Music label a "thank you" for continuing to re-release 80s gems. In this case, it's The Lucy Show's debut 1985 album ...Undone. It was 3 or 4 years ago that the label re-released the band's second full-length Mania, which had its charms but could not unseat ...Undone as the band's finest work. It's been 25 years since it was … [Read more...]

Untied States – Instant Everything, Constant Nothing

It's been a while since Untied States put out its last full -- and excellent -- album Retail Detail, but Instant Everything, Constant Nothing proves that the band hasn't been twiddling its thumbs. The album picks up where the last left off: equal parts experimental expression and solid post-punk, it delivers on the band's past promise. Even if band … [Read more...]

The Deepsea Goes – ORAONEIROI

Purposefully mysterious, The Deepsea Goes doesn't seem to want a whole lot of information about itself to be known. Here are a few facts/guesses: the band has toured relentlessly in its 2 years of existence, it seems to be composed of a brother-sister pair, it has released a handful of EPs and albums already... and most of all, The Deepsea Goes … [Read more...]

World Domination Enterprises – Lets Play Domination

What a welcome surprise to have this release: Lets Play Domination (sometimes spelled with the apostrophe) by World Domination Enterprises. This reissue of the band's 1988 album reminds you of what effects a radical record from the past can have on today's music. While not without its missteps, this is still a breakthrough record that hasn't gotten … [Read more...]

The Silent Boys – Progression: 1986-1991

I'm not gonna lie: I like re-issues of 80s post-punk and indie-rock gems. A handful of these, including ones by Crippled Pilgrims and Dumptruck, have stood the test of time and sound prescient. The Silent Boys has now released Progression: 1986-1991 as a retrospective of its early days. The band has re-formed and released a few albums in recent … [Read more...]