The Loom – Here In The Deadlights

One thing about beginning your album with what may be your strongest song is that it gives the rest of proceedings something to live up to. "Fire Makes" - the first track on what is the newest LP from the Brooklyn folk/rock crossover quartet - is a tremendously effective introduction to The Loom on their third full length release. A swirling, … [Read more...]

Elevant – There Is A Tide

First track "I'm Only Falling Apart" crashes out of the speakers like a suddenly opened and over-full cupboard of objects that make loud noises when they land on the floor - unspecified metal implements, half a dozen skateboards, unstrung guitars and skinless drum parts. On their third album, Elevant have much in the way of gained experience to … [Read more...]

The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die – Harmlessness

Two years after the release of their last LP, the eight-piece Connecticut outfit, The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die, now release their sophomore album, Harmlessness. The band has now fashioned a different sound compared to the previous studio album, Whenever, If Ever. However, the instruments have kept a familiar, … [Read more...]

New single and video from Iglomat

Following their acclaimed composition for Walid Salhab’s short The Kelpies, transatlantic post-rockists Iglomat are back with "Jen 68", a melancholic ode to being young, free and out there. As ever with the Iglomat crew, the track is a product of late nights and early mornings, heavy file transfers and even heavier Skype jams. While some … [Read more...]

The Virgance – Paradigm 3

In July of this year, when I was reviewing a compilation of new music by Shoegaze bands (The Revolution: The Shoegaze Revival album) I noticed a distinctive variation of approach towards the music, with the Traditionalists recreating the sounds of those bands recognised as the most influential (among them Slowdive, Ride, Cocteau Twins and MBV) and … [Read more...]

New Album and Video from Iglomat out now

Iglomat - "King Of The Sun" (video) To coincide with the release of Iglomat's 3rd album the band have produced a new video for the track "King Of The Sun": "King Of The Sun" features  haunting vocal performances from  Rachel Sermanni and Jennifer Austin. Rachel is one of the UK's most respected young singer songwriters and  Iglomat are … [Read more...]

Third album from Iglomat due in July

Post-rock electronica project Iglomat is back with its third album, Iglomat III, to be released July 27th on KFM Records.  The songs off the upcoming album are full of melodic, involving instrumentals, but also include some engaging vocal performances.  At its start, the project, co-founded by David Jack, was centered on two guitars and the sounds … [Read more...]

New Single from Canadian post-rock band WindfallFound

A story about ambition and new frontiers, WindfallFound presents their new track "Soaring": a continuation of a desire to unite imagination and ingenuity; to see dreams as the beginnings of realities. Experience "Soaring" right now through its cinematic video, or at WindfallFound's Bandcamp:    YouTube BandCamp   … [Read more...]

Marcus Hamblett – Concrete

Over the last five or so years Brighton-based multi-instrumentalist Marcus Hamblett has contented himself with both being a band member (in Eyes & No Eyes and Sons Of Noel And Adrian) and a session man/studio aide (for the likes of Laura Marling, Rachael Dadd, Alessi’s Ark, Peggy Sue and Broken Social Scene) but now comes a solo debut album to … [Read more...]

Album from post-rock instrumental band Whale Fall

Whale Fall is a post-rock instrumental band located in L.A. Formed in 2008, the five-piece, whose name derives from the biological process by which a decaying whale carcass becomes the host for a new sea life community, has quickly established a dedicated fan base who have embraced the band's dynamic live sound.  Whale Fall released its eponymous … [Read more...]