Public Image Ltd – First Issue (Reissue)

The Sex Pistols were always going to be a hard act to follow, even for 22 year old anarchist frontman, Johnny Rotten. Following the band's collapse, Rotten reverted to his birth name, Lydon, and formed Public Image Ltd (aka PiL) with Clash castaway Keith Levene and Can nut / bassist Jah Wobble. It saw the unpredictable Lydon returning to his arty, … [Read more...]

Casual Sex – Stroh 80 7″

A band with the name Casual Sex ought to turn a few heads and leave the sensitive listener dubious over what sleazy attitude and music they employ. Glaswegians are known for their dry wit and humorous observations of society’s ills: underage drinking, track-suited neds, and of course, shameless one night stands. This Scottish four-piece engage … [Read more...]

Iceage – You’re Nothing

It's a classic coming of age story. Four teenage friends from Copenhagen, Denmark form a band. They can't play their instruments all too well, but are damn well angry enough to try. Angry about what, you may ask. There might be a number of reasons, but what better way to propagate anger than in the form of a punk band? The group, calling themselves … [Read more...]

Peace – The World Is Too Much With Us

A new year is upon us and the masses are already brimming with anticipatory ears for what is to inspire the listening palate. These last 12 months have been exciting and arduous but nonetheless unpredictable. From artists such as How To Dress Well and Frank Ocean to Tame Impala and Beach House (just to name a few) there was no lag in fan favorites … [Read more...]

Jowls – Cursed EP

Keeping up with the D.I.Y. ethos so readily found in punk rock and hardcore music is something that, with the explosion of digital music, has become easier for many musicians, allowing them to promote and share their music to a nearly unlimited audience. And with the backing of a small, independent record label that subscribes to the same creed, … [Read more...]

Todd Is New Each Moment – A Thousand Nights EP

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the four years I’ve been working for this webzine, it’s that every burgeoning artist should get the benefit of the doubt.  To make a lucrative, successful career in musical performance was a frustratingly volatile pursuit well before file sharing and streaming media changed the game, but even though the Internet … [Read more...]

Imperial China – How We Connect

It’s been a couple of years since Imperial China has released an album, but that doesn’t mean the band has been dormant. With the release of How We Connect, Imperial China has come back with a force. This album builds from the success of the previous Phosphenes by, significantly and counter-intuitively, paring down and directing its focus. Many … [Read more...]

FAO#30: 16 Horsepower, The Raincoats & Teenage Fanclub

With seemingly as many new records hitting music store shelves as reissue or retrospective produce in recent times, keeping up with both streams of relentless output can be pretty damn exhausting for completionist connoisseurs with diverse tastes.  There’s simply no breather from it all anymore, particularly in this year’s post-summer release … [Read more...]

Right on Dynamite – In Vino Veritas

The Brooklyn trio, Right on Dynamite, touch on some of the older indie hipster's favorite bands (Pavement, Sea and Cake, and especially The Wrens — remember how great Secaucus was?!). These guys love feedback and squawking guitar phrases. References to Pavement and a love of feedback might sound great, but there's a catch. The feedback and squalls … [Read more...]

The Hands of the Wrong People – Proportions

Berlin based The Hands of the Wrong People take their cues from admirable sources. The late '80s, early '90s post-punk ranging from Sebadoh, The Smiths, Birthday Part, Pavement, and bear with me here, The Sea and Cake. The trio is bass driven and features sunny guitar harmonies (studio overdubbed, since clearly two guitars are played on record but … [Read more...]