Western Education – Restless Dreams

The Lowell, Massachusetts-based Western Education was started by Greg Alexandropoulos (lead vocals, keyboards) in 2011.  He was joined by Georgio Broufas on guitar and backing vocals and producer Will Hunt on bass.  The line-up solidified in 2012 with the addition of drummer Mark Ragusa, who has since left the band. Western Education released a … [Read more...]

The Monochrome Set – Cosmonaut

After very nearly four decades of existence, you could be forgiven for wondering exactly what it is that The Monochrome Set have got to say to us today. In the years since their first appearance in 1978, the North London band - based mostly around guitarists and songwriters Lester Square and Bid - has remained steadfastly out of the musical … [Read more...]

Flesh World – The Wild Animals In My Life

Flesh World is what happens when Jess Scott of Brilliant Colors and Scott Moore of Limp Wrist join forces. On The Wild Animals in My Life, their influences of indie-pop and queercore meet and collide. Released on Iron Lung, it’s their full length debut, and it’s garnering a lot of deserved attention. Wild Animals is one of those records that … [Read more...]

New Politicians – Remission

There are a lot of things I really like about New Politicians. There’s their classic, post-punk sound. There’s their strong sense of melody and songwriting. But most of all, I really appreciate that the lead singer doesn’t try to sound like Ian Curtis. This might seem like damning with faint praise, but that’s not my intention. I’ve heard far … [Read more...]

Arc Waves – Arc Waves (EP)

Arc Waves is a puzzler. I'm enthusiastic about it, but this project band misfires. My ear is drawn toward the classically styled vocals of Elaine Lachica. And how this EP works is the vanilla-canvas rhythm section and heavy, heavy reverb on the guitar create space in which the vocal paints light and shadow, clouds and ash. Arc Waves is … [Read more...]

Maximo Park – Too Much Information

In the annals of most seasoned bands’ catalogs, there is usually an album or two that underscores the degree to which its follow-up became known as “comeback.” U2 had Pop, the Chili Peppers had One Hot Minute, and so on. While those efforts are perfectly serviceable and contain one or two bookends for a greatest hits album, their fundamental … [Read more...]

Keel Her – self-titled

With a home-recording productivity rate to rival Robert Pollard, the prolific Brighton-based Rose Keeler-Schäffeler has furnished the musical world with a large body of work in a relatively short space of time.  Until now though, her output under the Keel Her alias has been scattered across Soundcloud streams, Bandcamp downloads, limited edition … [Read more...]

Hospitality – Trouble

Although charming enough, Hospitality's eponymous debut LP from early-2012 lacked the distinctiveness that a hotly-tipped act should have presented, being too wedded to a Sundays-meets-The Feelies jangle-rock shtick.   However, the trio fronted by the honeyed-toned Amber Papini soon revealed more promise via a divine double-AA-side single - “The … [Read more...]

Best Songs of 2013

I’m countin’ ‘em down like Casey “Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars" Kasem used to do on the music TV show America’s Top 10: 10.  SPC ECO – “Delusional Waste” Dean Garcia (ex-Curve) and daughter Rose Berlin, creators of electro-ambient fantasias, approach justthissideofpop with their recent tune “Delusional … [Read more...]

Interview with New Politicians

Heya Renal, Gian, Winston, and Chris!  It’s so cool to have this opportunity to ask you all a bunch of questions about your post-punk sound, new EP Drag A City, and how your musical future is shaping up.  How is everything going for you right now? Hey Jen, we’re excited for the opportunity as well. Everything is going well in our camp. We’ve … [Read more...]