Stellarscope – Standing In The Shadow Of Your Ghost

How would you expect psych-rock veterans Stellarscope to begin their newest album? Opening track "Don't Belong" growls along in a way that anyone already familiar with their music would recognise almost instantly. The rattling drum sound, hissing electronics and Tom Lugos' distinctive vocals are all present although as things progress, it … [Read more...]

Artists On Albums: AOA#32 (Cyclopean’s Jono Podmore on The Voice Of America)

Cyclopean’s Jono Podmore on… Cabaret Voltaire’s The Voice Of America (Rough Trade Records, 1980) This is not a pretty record. Released in 1980 it generally gets regarded as ‘post-punk industrial’ – for good reason too.  Recorded at the band’s own studio, Western Works, housed in a disused Victorian industrial building in a forgotten … [Read more...]