Bearfoot Beware – World Owes You Nowt

The first time I listened to Bearfoot Beware’s debut album World Owes You Nowt, I got a sinking feeling. Not because I didn’t like it — on the contrary, I felt discouraged because I knew that this was the kind of album that demands multiple listens to be fully appreciated. It’s the kind of complex, multi-layered album that you want to get to know … [Read more...]

Upcoming EP from post-hardcore rock band Secondborn

In just over a year, Lafayette and New Orleans-located post-hardcore band Secondborn has amassed an almost 20K-strong following on Facebook and has honed its indie rock sound into a force to be reckoned with.  The band members' music can easily stand alongside established acts like Saosin, 30 Seconds To Mars, and Thrice.  The bandmates have all … [Read more...]

Tideland – Lull

In the current era of music revivalism, we’re awash in throwback bands – folk, dance-pop, post-punk, and others – all striving to reinvent the wheels upon which their respective genre’s forebears rode to prominence. Rather than trying to bring the past back to life in the modern era, Tideland tries to sound about two decades behind the times. That … [Read more...]

Jowls – Cursed EP

The stark truth is that technology is taking over mainstream media and music. From the iPhone to digital downloads there seems to be little need for raw copies of artist’s music. But how do we fully separate ourselves from solely using this medium of music travel? I’m not sure you can, and although the band Jowls is involved in these modes of music … [Read more...]

Interview with Randy of Brighter Than A Thousand Suns

Heya Randy!  How’re you doing?  I have to say, you’re new album Survival Machines, out this past September on Tragic Hero Records, is a real standout.  Your album was streaming at AOL Spinner back then, and as soon as the first track came on, I was like, “Wow!  What is this?  Awesome!” and, believe me, that’s not my usual reaction to what I … [Read more...]

Q&A with Jon Simmons of Balance and Composure

Doylestown, PA's Balance and Composure has made a name for itself through a few EPs and a popular split with Tigers Jaw. The band's shining moment thus far, however, is their debut LP Separation. Students of grunge, alternative and emo are in attendance, but it's above the influence, void of filler and filled with suburban soul. Frontman Jon … [Read more...]

Dream on Dreamer – Heartbound

When I think of the word refreshing a flood of images fly into my head - typically it is people laying in a bath tub full of mint leaves or something of that ilk. It’s the idea that you are rejuvenating yourself or coming into something with new eyes. In essence, it’s a change typically for the better and as I listened to Dream on Dreamers new … [Read more...]

Interview with French of Annie Automatic

Hiya French! How is everything going? Your debut album Don’t Look Down is scheduled for an August 23rd release. What are your musical, and/or other, plans in the meantime? Hi! Yes, August 23rd release, we're extremely excited. Other than waiting patiently, we're rehearsing like crazy for upcoming shows! Always fun. I'm also working on a … [Read more...]

Attack Attack – s/t (re-issue)

Attack Attack is a band that has gotten a ton of negative and hilarious publicity (see Crabcore) over the past two years, they join the ranks of Design the Skyline and Blood on the Dance Floor as groups that people love to hate. Is their music really as bad as people make it out to be, or is it merely a case of “memeitization” and being unable to … [Read more...]

Annie Automatic – “Burn This Prison”

What happens when you cross the post-hardcore sound of Thursday and AFI with Ian Astbury-tinged vocals?  You get the rousing single “Burn This Prison" by Annie Automatic.  Lead singer French formed the 4-member, L.A.-based rock band in 2009 and the debut album Don’t Look Down is slated for an August 23rd release. Lead-off single “Burn This … [Read more...]