Wild Beasts – Present Tense

After a relentless pace that witnessed Wild Beasts release three albums in four years, the English quartet opted to utilize a more direct approach on their newest album, Present Tense. Allowing for a completely novel presence with song crafting, the band sounds dynamically vivid on an impressive effort that is meant for both the darkly lit, … [Read more...]

Blow Up Hollywood – “Shine”

As of January, New York Art-Rockers Blow Up Hollywood have released their eighth album Blue Sky Blond. Though the band has previously shown a lot of dark wave influences they have steered clear of the genre this time and managed to make an album that is more uplifting though nonetheless emotionally captivating. While most of the songs, like “Throw … [Read more...]

Arcade Fire – Reflektor

Is it all currently poles apart following The Suburbs for Arcade Fire? Was performing and then winning “Album of the Year” at the Grammys altering? Let’s look at the facts: a ridiculously astounding tour schedule, some time apart, some time travelling. Fresh inspirations arise through global sounds and somehow, a new recording space is available. … [Read more...]

Arctic Monkeys – AM

With what is now a string of five albums in eight years, bands like Arctic Monkeys rarely come around nowadays. After releasing their first two albums in consecutive years, they’ve quietly taken a year off in between their following three albums and have solidified their mainstay as one of music’s most classically influenced and in turn, one of the … [Read more...]

Deerhunter – Monomania

In an interview with Rolling Stone, after the release of Atlas Sound’s fantastically brilliant Parallax, Bradford Cox explained his monomania and how he’s consistently fixated with one thing. And while monomania is the strict definition of a partial insanity where a sole aspect consumes one’s mind, Cox goes on to explain his ensuing nervous … [Read more...]

Divine Fits – A Thing Called Divine Fits

The opening synths of “My Love is Real” recall a style reminiscent of Handsome Furs’ days together. There’s the slinky feel, the thumping nature and the melodic skill that many of the band’s great songs possessed. Halfway through it Boeckner’s voice falls away, after admitting “my love is real…until it stops,” and the synths take a linear … [Read more...]

The Fresh & Onlys – Long Slow Dance

Basking in the San Francisco limelight, rockers The Fresh & Onlys have continued to release music at a healthy rate. Their last LP, 2010’s Play it Strange, introduced to many the scene out of the bay with a poised dosage of garage rock in play. Two years later, The Fresh & Onlys venture into a much softer landscape – something where the … [Read more...]

The Shins – Port of Morrow

Collectively speaking, The Shins have crafted exceptionally strong pop throughout the last ten years. Even when they sounded drifting and far away, they never lost any kind of feeling for the strong hook of melodic essence that is at the core of their reach. James Mercer not only acts as the illustrious voice to the band but it’s never been a … [Read more...]

M. Ward – A Wasteland Companion

By now, it’s well-known just how much music requires a steady balance to fully take hold of. For his well-being ways, M. Ward has always been a charming musician because of his magnetic voice, as well as his stellar songwriting skills. As a crooning, soulful voice that sounds just as all-encompassing as it sweeps you away, Ward’s been involved in a … [Read more...]

Oy Vey – Recession Girls

The natural essence of music is definitely an unhinged quality. The visceral quality of it always makes for some aesthetic highs that are quite unforgettable. For Oy Vey, recording music in a naturally calm manner is always what works best. Their latest effort, Recession Girls, was conjured up one night as the band sat around, reminiscing about … [Read more...]