Wake Up Mordecai- Too Young for the Disco

There's still probably nothing more appealing to a young aspiring musician than to pick up an acoustic guitar and belt out a heartfelt tune. This what Johnny Callon is all about, as he really puts himself out there, pouring out his emotions into his songs. His emotions, however, don't transfer very well to his listeners. Callon likes to sing about … [Read more...]

Dish – Ma Raison De Vivre Ton Amour

There’s plenty to love about Ma Raison De Vivre Ton Amour, the second outing from Dish, but the verdict is still out over the disc’s most engaging attribute. Is it the vocals of Roberto Aguilar, the eerie way his wail channels Jeff Buckley at his always-familiar, rock-inflected peaks? Or is it the junk percussion of brother Nathaniel Aguilar, the … [Read more...]

Point Juncture Wa. – Heart to Elk

The album begins with the click and clack of electronic percussion but, within moments, carefully gives way to humming horns and punctuation from a vibraphone. The percussion, on a full kit and now more pronounced, slinks along, a jazzy shuffle. The mood is somewhere between sleepy and dreamy, that ill-defined middle ground where the world starts … [Read more...]

Serial Thrillers – Self-Titled

This duo from Boston consists of singer/songwriter Paul Ortolano and Stephen Clements, both having worked together in several previous bands, and are no new comers to the music scene.  The album has crystal clear production thanks to the skills of Anthony J. Resta of such bands as Collective Soul and Perry Ferrell.  The music of the Serial … [Read more...]

Clues – Clues

When The Unicorns broke up, the group's fate was determined for them as one of those bands that many would reflect on with regret and longing. Longing that they never broke up because Nick Thorburn and Alden Penner's debut is highly regarded as one of the first imperative albums to jump-start the Canadian indie rock scene. Since then, Thorburn has … [Read more...]

Outrageous Cherry – Universal Malcontents

Universal Malcontents refreshes late 1960's and early 70's bubblegum and power pop. More traditional and rootsy than other pop rock revitalizers like The New Pornographers or, from earlier days, The Cars, Outrageous Cherry fits the current indie scene well, sporting strong vocal harmonies, abundant pop hooks, and solid rhythm guitars. The band has … [Read more...]

Skeletons With Flesh On Them – All The Other Animals

  Skeletons With Flesh On Them is surprisingly fun, spirited rock and roll, and has no pretensions or desires to be anything else. In an age where bands feel forced to break genre conventions and be something more than just a good band, this group's down to earth, grassroots approach is refreshing and sorely needed. All The Other Animals … [Read more...]

The Televangelist and The Architect – There’s A Song In There Somewhere EP

Let’s rewind. The year is 2003 -- six years ago, give or take -- and a Berkeley, Ca. band by the name of Grand Unified Theory has just released its debut on the indie label Undetected Plagiarism. The self-titled record’s 10 songs are emotive and engaging, and they display a well defined understanding of quiet-loud/soft-hard dynamics. They are … [Read more...]

The Assault – Greatest Hits

Major points to The Assault for one thing right off the bat: the band's logo. It took some real creativity to work a suggestive, coital image into the lettering but beyond that form the image using the letters a-s-s (plus one more "a"). Bravo! And this from a trio of female rockers. Not exactly riot-grrl behavior. The songs don't show exactly … [Read more...]

De Rosa – Prevention

Taking three years to release your highly anticipated second album, is a pretty long time. When you make one of the most critically-acclaimed albums of 2006, your very next album will be scrutinized very closely. And for a band like De Rosa, whose impressive vocal melodies are colorfully married to their unconventional instrumentation, many were … [Read more...]