Hajk – Hajk

"I'm gonna let you come to me," Sigrid Aase sings on Hajk's opening track. And I did. Aase's confident declarative on "Magazine" introduces this self-titled debut — a fresh, welcoming blend of indie-pop — much of which you will find irresistible. The next song, "Nothing Left To Say," features vocalist-guitarist Preben Sælid Andersen. The energy … [Read more...]

Interview with Jasmine Ash

  Hiya Jasmine!  It’s such a delight to interview you and find out more about your recent solo album Beneath The Noise, as well as your involvement with the indie-rock band Oh Darling.  I’ve read that you’re from Portland, but that you create all your albums in LA.  Do you split your time between these two cities, and if so, does that … [Read more...]

Nameless – “Angelina” video

In light of ‘the leg seen around the world’ at the Oscars, an overview of “Angelina” and its accompanying video by Paris-based pop-rock band, Nameless, seems opportune.  Whether or not this song is about Angelina Jolie (It’s more fun to imagine it is), it’s a supremely kicky, sticky piece of ear candy that deserves mention.  “Angelina” starts off … [Read more...]

Emily Howard – s/t EP

I reviewed the debut EP from this talented singer/songwriter only a couple of months ago, or so it seems; praising it for the immaculate blending of pop and rock that seemed almost far too accomplished for someone only just releasing her first material. And now Howard is back with a new three-track EP, which is a mellower, more romantic offering … [Read more...]

Prizzy Prizzy Please – Chroma Cannon

Prizzy Prizzy Please walk a fine line. Superficially they’re a blog-ish bunch of effect-pedal scientists, similar to some of most heralded acts of the aughties (No Age, Lightning Bolt.) But at their core, they’re a straight-shooting, undisguised rock band - a real rock band – one that garnishes their songs with empowering solos and more than a … [Read more...]

Yukon Blonde- Yukon Blonde

With guitars or keyboard that give the songs character, Yukon Blonde manages to be earthy, upbeat, deliberate, and self-contained. The overall product sounds familiar, but examining the parts reveals the unique blend of influences. There are elements of folk inside the vocals and harmonies. The rhythm section is tight, hell-bent on keeping the … [Read more...]

The Silver Liners – EP

Washington, DC's Silver Liners band specializes in breezy, feel-good pop-rock. The band does sometimes veer more towards the rock side of things but even then plugs in catchy, hum-along melodies. The band has four songs on its new EP. Each works the kind of territory that you know from bands like Harvey Danger and Nada Surf, with some BRMC fuzz … [Read more...]

Say Anything – s/t

Say Anything’s leader Max Bemis has grown up quite a bit. No longer the bipolar and perennially sarcastic teenager of …Is A Real Boy, Bemis is now happily married and devoutly Christian. His newer songs, therefore, are much more likely to be about God or marriage than girls who touch themselves over the phone. It’s almost a shame. Reigning in … [Read more...]

The Sexy Accident- Mantolooking

I just want to get it out there that "I'm Just Trying to Help (Me Like You)" is one of the worst songs I've ever heard. You could put that song on Kid A and suddenly it would become a bargain bin nobody. The song, to put it simply, is unbearably bad. It's an annoying rhythm with a hitch in it, and ridiculous, overt lyrics about a girl who needs to … [Read more...]

Tim Be Told – From The Inside EP

Thought it could be argued – particularly by anyone who has ever professed a love for “alternative” music - that the glossy pop nuggets of Billboard Magazine’s most famed inventory are often vapid and shameful excuses for musical innovation, there’s little denying that their soaring melodies and everyman treatises on life, love, and loss appeal to … [Read more...]