Western Education – Restless Dreams

The Lowell, Massachusetts-based Western Education was started by Greg Alexandropoulos (lead vocals, keyboards) in 2011.  He was joined by Georgio Broufas on guitar and backing vocals and producer Will Hunt on bass.  The line-up solidified in 2012 with the addition of drummer Mark Ragusa, who has since left the band. Western Education released a … [Read more...]

New album from Louise Aubrie

New York and London-based indie-pop rocker Louise Aubrie will be releasing her 3rd album, Late 44, mid-July. The album was recorded at legendary Abbey Road Studios and it's filled with  lyrics-centered, spunky pop-rock numbers.  Straightforward and easy to dig into, Louis Aubrie has put together some engaging compositions on Late 44. Louise … [Read more...]

The Thermals – Personal Life

Welcome back to The Thermals. Personal Life sounds like it has come from a band that has followed the Superchunk model of maturing from snotty punks into, well, adulthood. That isn't to say that the band has altogether given up on its ways of old. It's more like The Thermals have found more than one way to express itself. This album has a … [Read more...]

The Dirty White – Vs. Evil Circles

Track one of Vs. Evil Circles, the aptly titled “Mighty Prehistoric,” is centered around a hoarse, throat-breaching mantra, “We’re mighty we’re mighty we’re prehistoric!” And they’re right, The Dirty White are fairly bare-faced in their imitative nature. They’re part of an entire generation of kids that grew up listening to Bad Brains and Blink 182 … [Read more...]

Motion City Soundtrack- My Dinosaur Life

Motion City Soundtrack have never been highly regarded as musicians. Their generic pop-punk anthems such as “Everything is Alright” never really sparked any real acclaim from the public. This is why My Dinosaur Life, their latest release, is such a pleasant surprise. The album is filled with well-developed tracks that are topped by infectious riffs … [Read more...]

The National Rifle – Man Full of Trouble EP

On Man Full of Trouble the National Rifle’s music comes in quick bursts of pop punk.  But, where that stylistic philosophy is an asset for some, it’s the National Rifle’s biggest weakness. In the band's follow up EP to 2008’s Wage Life, everything’s just a little bit off.  On “It’s Just Whiskey, Ma,” the leadoff track, the guitars and dirty … [Read more...]

Argetti – Flags of Karma

Italian punk quartet Argetti has been going strong for a good four years now and judging by its Engineer/No Reason Records debut The Flags of Karma it doesn't plan on slowing down anytime soon. The group manages to pull off the Jawbreaker-inspired mix of hardcore, skate and pop punk beautifully; sometimes even better than most American bands. I'm … [Read more...]

The Wonder Years/All or Nothing – Distances 7″

The Distances split 7" pits a Philly band vs. a Birmingham (UK) band. Two songs each, a thousand copies pressed (300 white/blue splatter, 300 white/red splatter, and 400 clear blue - if you care). The groups apparently met while The Wonder Years - that would be the Philadelphia based band - were doing some shows in England and met - you guessed it … [Read more...]