Owls – Two

It’s difficult to write good music that ventures outside the boundaries of traditional popular music.  Popular music, on the other hand, is relatively easy to write. Since popular music deals in chord sets and forms that exert a proven visceral pull on the listener, it has a built-in direction and clarity.  This is part of what makes it popular … [Read more...]

Deerhoof – Deerhoof vs. Evil

The one remaining constant in all of Deerhoof’s music is their unfailing ability in making tremendously stunning music with each and every album. Their sound is best described as experimental because of their multitude of styles and more so, their sometimes polarizing take on rock music. And although they’ve been one of the better bands in music … [Read more...]

Faux Hoax – Your Friends Will Carry You Home 7″

This little slab of vinyl comes in a limited edition of 1,000 copies on black. As with most records these days, Faux Hoax (pronounced "folks") comes with a download code so you enjoy the tunes on your iPod - you'll even two extra tracks for free out of the whole deal. The band (side project? collective?) features members of Menomena, Gang of Four, … [Read more...]

Small Wonders #13

Asobi Seksu - Me & Mary 7" Polyvinyl (http://www.polyvinylrecords.com) Asobi Seksu give us a brief preview of their upcoming full-length (due either in November or February depending on where you seek the release date....). "Me & Mary" is from the album and continues in much the same vein as their excellent Citrus album, meaning that … [Read more...]