Gil Scott-Heron – I’m New Here

Imagine yourself for a moment as one of the leading pioneers of hip-hop music. Crowned by many as the sole reason for rap’s creation and seen by many as an integral figure in the betterment of their lives, Gil Scott-Heron was cut from a different cloth. The spoken-word wonder, the towering figure; he’s spent much of his life in spreading messages … [Read more...]

Speech Debelle – Speech Therapy

I’ll go ahead and spoil the whole thing for you: in the 51.7 minute entirety of Speech Therapy, nobody gets shot. There are no signature dance moves, no area code shoutouts, and you probably can’t purchase any of these songs as a ringtone. The MC only has one tattoo and it’s of a music note curled up around some dumb colloquialism. She routinely … [Read more...]