Michael Tanner – Suite For Psaltery And Dulcimer

A son of Dorset, the now Sussex-dwelling Michael Tanner has for over a decade been releasing a steady stream of high quality, emotionally engaging and subtly structured ambient-orientated music. An acoustically-wise soundscape artist, best known under his Plinth guise, he has also periodically shapeshifted into The Cloisters and is a member of the … [Read more...]

The Cloisters – self-titled

Whilst it be would somewhat reductive to say that the Second Language label has an overarching sound - especially given the diversity of its affiliated artists - it could be fair to say that a fair proportion of its cast of characters subscribe to a shared sense of mood.  No better was this exemplified than on the label’s recent End Of A Season … [Read more...]

Second Language Records releases Richard Moult’s Celestial King For A Year.

Just dispatched to existing subscribers and now available direct from the label (as well as the ever reliable Norman Records) Celestial King For A Year is the latest highly limited Second Language CD release; this time from composer, painter, poet and serial collaborated Richard Moult. Already the author of multiple recordings under his own name … [Read more...]