Ital – Hive Mind

The point of music, perhaps, is that genres matter little, if any. Before, you could get away with calling music electronic, but now there has to be a specific, neat and tidy label for every sound under the sun. Or does there? As Ital, Daniel Martin-McCormick is unconcerned with the tidiness of labels and more into the dynamics behind his own, … [Read more...]

Starkey – Ear Drums and Black Holes

If you haven’t gotten the chance to check out this video of Starkey building an entire track over the course of a two hour live show, please see it as soon as possible. With the help of Reso and the beautifully-voiced Anneka, the Philadelphia dubstep producer displays his skills in creating a notable song that many would require days to do. Seeing … [Read more...]

The Internal Tulips – Mislead into a Field by a Deformed Deer

Nowadays, saying certain bands sound like The Beatles and The Beach Boys always carries that ‘overused cliché’ tag. Like saying every other Conor Oberst is influenced by Bob Dylan or that Miles Davis has, arguably, the best discography ever gets irksome after a while. Unsurprisingly, when you’re one of the greatest greats, your music will always be … [Read more...]

Vex’d – Cloud Seed

When you’re labeled as a ‘pioneer,’ someone who led the movement in the dubstep/bass scene, it carries a great deal of weight on anyone’s shoulders. Now imagine taking four years off before releasing an album - this is exactly the case with electronic duo Vex’d. The pair of Jamie Vex’d and Roly Porter rarely step out onto the scene to record music … [Read more...]