Sunset – Loveshines But the Moon is Shining Too

Prolificacy and eclecticism are often two sides of the same coin. Even as they frequently shared a droney groove, what you got from a Sunset album in the past sometimes seemed about as predictable as a flip of that coin. While wildly conceived and generous with ideas, they never seemed to hit that sweet spot that the best albums do by offering you … [Read more...]

Perfume Genius – Learning

The current wave of bedroom pop has been more about the druggy pulsations of an insulated childhood rather than honest-to-God songwriting; sure Neon Indian’s Psychic Chasms is a hooking record, but it wouldn’t necessarily be accurate to say it hits an emotional chord, nor does it try to. The scene is defined by forcing upbeat electro through a … [Read more...]

Gills and Wings – s/t EP

In listening to the polished arena rock of Richmond, Virginia’s Gills and Wings, few signals are given that their eponymous EP is in fact, also their debut. Armed with only five tracks and a little less than twenty minutes of music, this five-piece flaunts the kind of confident swagger and crack songwriting usually associated with veteran acts. … [Read more...]