Interview with Angèle David-Guillou

Four years on from the elegantly grand piano-led compositions that comprised her given-name debut album Kourouma, the French-born London-based Angèle David-Guillou - formerly of Piano Magic and song-based solo alias Klima - returns with the rhythmically fascinating, melodically accomplished and simply rather beautiful En Mouvement on the Village … [Read more...]

Kristina Pulejkova & Glen Johnson – My Heart Has Run Out Of Breath

Having hidden out of earshot for most of 2015, the mercurial Glen Johnson seems set to have a far more audible presence over the coming twelve or so months. With one - supposedly at least - final encore-like long-player heading-up Piano Magic on the forward schedule alongside a cluster of still secrecy-shrouded solo and/or collaborative releases, … [Read more...]

Tullia Benedicta – Anteros

Although never a label to discourage the collaborative tangling of its artists and their shared musical influences, the Italian-born and now London-based Tullia Benedicta is perhaps the first younger artist to be openly inspired by the work of Second Language's co-founder Glen Johnson and his work leading Piano Magic.  Previously a member of … [Read more...]

Glen Johnson – Same Sex

Although there was a certain degree of sadness attached to the dissolution of Piano Magic - informally announced around the release of last summer’s excellent Heart Machinery rarities anthology - the knowledge that many of the main group members would carry on with other projects has been both reassuring and tantalising.  Hence, co-singer Angèle … [Read more...]

Angèle David-Guillou – Kourouma

Having come out from underneath the shadow of Piano Magic with 2010’s kaleidoscopic dream-pop suite Serenades & Serinettes - her second LP as Klima - Angèle David-Guillou returns here on another solo trip.  Working under her own name this time around, having chosen to keep Klima as a vocal-led and collaborator-birthed project, this new detour … [Read more...]

Richard Moult – Yclypt / Various Artists – End Of A Season

Although the release rate of Second Language’s subscription-led enterprise has slowed a little in pace during 2012 - perhaps partly to give larger-scale releases like Piano Magic’s Life Hasn’t Finished With Me Yet a little more room to reach out beyond core label aficionados - there is certainly no drop in the care and attention that goes into each … [Read more...]

Second Language releases Memory Drawings debut

Newly-released on the ever-evolving Second Language  - with the label’s usual mixture of surprise and understatement - is Music For Another Loss, the debut release from the pan-global Memory Drawings. This first instrumental album from the freshly-formed trio of hammered dulcimer player Joel Hanson, violinist Sarah Kemp (Brave Timbers, Last … [Read more...]

Various Artists – Music And Migration II

Whereas Second Language’s last compilation from earlier this year, Minute Papillon, went for grand conceptual ambition (featuring 60 artists contributing 60 second pieces), this latest compendium goes for a far more manageable 14-track thematic sequel to 2010’s acclaimed Music And Migration.  Whilst in lesser hands, another collection of pieces … [Read more...]

Tarwater – Inside The Ships

Although it can be wrong to lump together and describe a music scene from one nation, particularly when its artists might be spread across several cities, record labels and generations, sometimes when collective traits are highlighted in a positive light it can be considered acceptable. In terms of the German electronic and experimental fraternity, … [Read more...]

Klima – Serenades & Serinettes

Having given herself over so selflessly as a spellbinding vocal conduit for the muse of Glen Johnson (through Piano Magic and connected side-projects), Angèle David-Guillou’s 2007 solo debut under her Klima pseudonym ultimately struggled to reach out as a truly standalone affair, despite its inherent allure and promising charms.  This long-gestated … [Read more...]