Gazer – Fake Bulbs EP

Don't let the rough finish on this EP deceive you. Fake Bulbs is a finely constructed piece of noisy rock n' roll. Gazer, a prickly, nimble rock band out of Cincinnati, Ohio, sounds like a more aggressive version of Devo crossed with a developing Young Widows or The Jesus Lizard. With flashes of punk and a hefty dose of art noise, many of these … [Read more...]

Mad Anthony- s/t

Many comparisons come to mind when listening to Mad Anthony's self-titled five-track EP. Bristling, driving rock is pretty broad genre, and Mad Anthony's brand of this is in the vein of bands like The Cramps, The Misfits, or The Toadies. Hailing from Cincinnati, OH, these local musicians are revamping their sound after the 2006 collapse of The … [Read more...]

Knife the Symphony – Crawler

Knife the Symphony does not write hits. Indeed, the Cincinnati trio, a swirling apparatus of dissonance and downbeats, spies all things saccharine and flees. On Crawler, its first full-length effort, suspicion and angst rule the day, in minor keys both atmospheric and tense. All well and good, but not inherently productive. As product, as document, … [Read more...]