The Silence Kit – Dislocations

The last release by Philly's The Silence Kit has its moments, and the new record Dislocations does as well. Overall, though, this one doesn't have quite the same overall impact and it's difficult to say exactly what's changed. The music hasn't changed drastically. This album sounds as though the band has gone for more of an 80s sound. Opener … [Read more...]

Mongrel Mix in Philly, Live Video

"MONGREL MIX is a dynamic and innovative act which draws inspiration from a wide variety of American music genres. Performing contemporary Rock and R&B, Mongrel Mix engages audiences with a fusion of Blues, Rock, Latin, Jazz, and Funk with Afro-Cuban rhythms. Our music is intensely passionate and ranges from acoustic folk tales to angular … [Read more...]

Everyone Everywhere – A Lot of Weird People Standing Around 7″

When this  7" found its way on to my turntable I was burnt out on listening to too many scrappy punk records. When I saw that Everyone Everywhere is a Philly band, I had to make it my next selection for the afternoon. I didn't want to hear any more punk, and this hometown band definitely delivered on that front. The group plays what I would … [Read more...]