Mike Pardew – Azul

As is also the case these days with classical music, jazz is trying to find relevancy in a culture that has largely dismissed it as an antiquated genre. Often sadly stereotyped as the music of your parents’ (or more frequently, your grandparents’) generation, “America’s music” continues to be the focus for a niche group of enthusiasts who have … [Read more...]

Borys Dejnarowicz – Divertimento

The pseudo-minimalist compositions penned by Polish wunderkind Borys Dejnarowicz go down much easier than you might expect from a Steve Reich disciple. Gone are the 18 musicians, the phasing techniques, the plethora of hemiolas, and the esoteric connections to 12th century organum. Opting to strip away the academic muddle altogether, Dejnarowicz … [Read more...]