Nameless – “Angelina” video

In light of ‘the leg seen around the world’ at the Oscars, an overview of “Angelina” and its accompanying video by Paris-based pop-rock band, Nameless, seems opportune.  Whether or not this song is about Angelina Jolie (It’s more fun to imagine it is), it’s a supremely kicky, sticky piece of ear candy that deserves mention.  “Angelina” starts off … [Read more...]

Artists-On-Albums: AOA #17 (Revolver’s Christophe Musset on Elliott Smith’s Either/Or)

Chistophe Musset (Revolver) on… Elliott Smith – Either/Or (Kill Rock Stars, 1997) In September 03, at 18 years old, I made the hasty decision to study cinema at the university of Nanterre, in a suburb of Paris. I'd never had any ambitions for life after highschool, and I couldn't think of anything else I'd like to do, so I thought it was as … [Read more...]

Interview with Keren Ann Zeidel and Bardi Johannsson of Lady & Bird

Delusions of Adequacy:  Hello Keren Ann and Bardi -  I am very much looking forward to your upcoming album as Lady & Bird, your collaboration where Keren Ann is Lady and Bardi is Bird.  Your melodic, delicate, yet stunning self-titled debut album from a few years ago goes on a subtly thematic journey (about the flight and fall of two … [Read more...]