Mas Rapido – Dumb is King!

This duo has been around for a long while, known originally as Cowboy & Spin Girl and later as Toothpaste 2000, with a lengthy discography attesting to their love of bright, rough-around-the-edges powerpop. Their career has spanned decades, as a duo and with individual efforts, stretching back into the early 80s in one form or another. With … [Read more...]

Mazes – Mazes

Numerology never did you any favors, safe to say, but dig this big crux: Mazes spin off from The 1900s, the psychish Chicago poppers formed in 2004 and last seen orbiting the blogosphere. (Not 1990s, mind you, those rakish Scotsmen [2006] with Yummy Fur wafting through their veins.) The 1900s? Seven-piece. Mazes? Just three. Edward Anderson and … [Read more...]