Interview with Therapy?

Hi Michael! It’s such a pleasure to be in touch with you and find out how you’re doing! Your new album, A Brief Crack Of Light, was just released on February 6th. Was there any last-minute pre-release craziness going on and is all okay now? I think we’re as prepared as you can be in this sort of situation.  There are always a lot of things that … [Read more...]

Useless Keys – Is the Painting Changing EP

The lugubrious angst and anomie of the 1990s are still hangin’ around in the form of this band that revels in the soft verse / loud chorus dichotomy and a slow, dissonant churn of distorted, sharp guitars, menacing bass undertow, and emotionally disaffected vocals from Michael Bauer with lyrics that verge on the paranoid.  It’s no surprise that the … [Read more...]