Little Tybee – For Distant Viewing

Two years after their sophomore LP, Humorous to Bees, took the indie circuit by surprise, Georgian chamber pop sextet Little Tybee returns with an even stronger statement, For Distant Viewing. Still maintaining the group’s beloved blend of bluegrass, pop, folk, jazz, and soul, it feels more nuanced, intricate, and profound. Although arguably not as … [Read more...]

Little Tybee – Humorous to Bees

One of the trickiest things to do in music is combine influences without sounding derivative. It takes true skill, focus, and cohesion of minds to channel multiple genres into a fresh, genuine and organic new identity. On its second LP, Humorous to Bees, Little Tybee has done just that. With a wonderful blend of styles and a fun, free vibe, the … [Read more...]

Emanuel and the Fear – Listen

I’ll just begin bluntly; Emanuel and the Fear’s new LP, Listen, is astonishing, especially for a debut. It’s a nineteen song suite of masterfully executed pop/jazz/rock with enough orchestral synthesis to make ELO blush. Like so many other examples I’ve heard, it’s an underground, modest record far greater than anything new you’ll hear on the … [Read more...]

Mighty Tiger – Western Theater

Thanks to the rising popularity of bands like Fleet Foxes and Death Cab For Cutie, the 1960's pop sound has been making a significant resurgence these days. But these two aren’t the only bands you should be hearing; take for instance Mighty Tiger and their debut Western Theater. Packing their LP with warm sounds, wonderful melodies and tight … [Read more...]

Peasant – On The Ground

Humility is a rare thing in music. Most artists are just as concerned with their image and success as they are with their art. But not Peasant. This one man band simply wants to write about everyday struggles using the most basic tools (mainly his vocals and an acoustic guitar). His sophomore LP, On The Ground, is like a short book of poetry; it's … [Read more...]