Candles – self-titled

Having first appeared under the duo umbrella of Candles on a cassette/download EP in 2012, through the fleetingly fecund Critical Heights label, it’s taken some painstaking piecemeal work for Owen Tromans (ex-San Lorenzo and long-running solo troubadour) and James Nicholls (one-half of elusive psych-folk outfit Savaging Spires) to chisel this … [Read more...]

An Abbreviated Albums A-Z of 2016: From Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy to XAM Duo.

Wherever you’ve been on the geopolitical planet of 2016, there is no doubting that it’s been a turbulent and testing year, which some people would rather forget.  Hence, looking back upon the best albums of the past twelve months feels almost too trivial.  Yet, great culture is nearly always there to remind us what can still make life so enriching … [Read more...]

An Abridged Albums A-Z of 2015: From Jonathan Bree to The Weather Station

Try as we might to keep up - as critics and music fans alike - there simply aren’t enough days in the year to keep track of everything the fertile music world has to offer, good, bad or ugly. For a site like Delusions Of Adequacy, built with DIY infrastructure, there is frankly no point pretending that we can document all that matters. So when … [Read more...]

Candles – self-titled EP / Savaging Spires – National Supper Session

2012 has undoubtedly been a great year for micro-labels.  Whilst some of the leading lights - such as The Great Pop Supplement and Second Language - have defined themselves through leaning towards close-knit scenes, recurring visions and shared aesthetics, the still fledgling Critical Heights label has demarcated itself more through expanding … [Read more...]

Artists On Albums: AOA#25 (Wooden Wand’s James Jackson Toth on No Silver/No Gold)

Wooden Wand’s James Jackson Toth on… The Baptist Generals’ No Silver/No Gold (Sub Pop, 2003) No Silver/No Gold is the best album Sub Pop ever released. It is a perfect American record, and a huge inspiration. I don’t remember how I heard about Baptist Generals, but I was on board pretty early. I think the album was in a crate of CDs that … [Read more...]

Friends of DOA – Best of 2011

Dean Wareham (Dean & Britta): Various Artists - Drive (soundtrack) My favorite album of the year is the soundtrack to my favorite film of the year - Drive. I came out of the theatre with a few songs stuck in my head -- the synthy cues by Cliff Martinez, but above all the track "Oh My Love" by Riz Ortolani and Katyna Ranieri.  I am not the … [Read more...]

Artists-On-Albums: AOA#1 (Owen Tromans on High Beams)

Owen Tromans on... Magic Lantern’s High Beams (Not Not Fun Records, 2009) For me the album is a sacred form, perhaps not for those who have grown up with iTunes and YouTube, but I feel that a great album is a mystical object, best enjoyed as a whole.  So much of my life is tied up with particular albums that their lyrics and sounds rattle … [Read more...]