Black Feather – Silhouette

When a “back to basics” band pops up on the radar – as the White Stripes and Strokes did earlier this decade – it’s usually taken as a retort to the gluttonous indulgences of groups who are creating music at the opposite end of the spectrum, where high drama and grand gestures happen to reside.  And when the “keep-it-simple-stupid” approach … [Read more...]

Baja – Aether Obelisk

This fourth installment under the Baja moniker finds eclectic composer Daniel Vujanic promising an album that favors thematic cohesiveness over trite sonic noodling. In other words, we’ve been told to expect quality over quantity. Even the disc’s title, Aether Obelisk, makes esoteric hints at music that has time and space to develop its inherent … [Read more...]