Chains of Love – Strange Grey Days

Vancouver-based Chains of Love released this 7-song debut this past spring on Manimal Vinyl and it’s a nouveau-retro winner that delivers a  fresh, but faithful take on the old school musical stylings of the 60s and 70s, mixing vibrant 60s Girl Group harmonies and Wall of Sound dynamics with 70s organ psychedelia and more modern, sharply angular … [Read more...]

Cryptborn – Into the Grasp of the Starving Dead

September 15th sees the release of the Into the Grasp of the Starving Dead EP from Finnish band Cryptborn, their first since joining the roster of Dark Descent Records. More than just a release, the EP is a dark, ravenous, black beast consisting of seven tracks borne from the deep bowels of old school death metal. A grotesque from the depths of a … [Read more...]

Interview with Andy Maddox of The Saddest Landscape

Hailing from the prominent and seminal hardcore Boston scene, The Saddest Landscape is what some would call a hearkening or a throwback to 90’s style hardcore emotive music. I would not argue with that description; however they are more than that. They are a decade’s worth of blood sweat and tears coupled with their own unique take on the “Emo” … [Read more...]

The Saddest Landscape – You will Not Survive

Whether you are slowly making your way through Thomas Pynchon’s convoluted opus, Gravity’s Rainbow or you are marveling at Salvador Dali’s Freudian mindscape, The Disintegration of the Persistence of Memory the universal goal behind these two works is singular and it is this; art should always challenge its audience to step outside the comfort zone … [Read more...]

Kingsnake – Book of Promise

Popping Book of Promise into the CD player and being introduced to the band Kingsnake via the sounds of "Madame Greed" made me think to myself, "these guys get right down to business, don't they?" It delivers a solid opening for this Philadelphia based foursome's debut album. Vocally, Kingsnake makes me want to question whether it somehow … [Read more...]