Jagged Vision – Death Is This World

Palm-mutted riffing with arpeggios is a good way to open an album. Cue Jagged Vision's "Betrayer." Song one deftly slices pleasantly adrenalized riffing between the melodic and the metallic. Before it ends, the song will have at times sounded like conventional metal, something almost eastern-infused, and, finally, warm hardcore with a hook. That … [Read more...]

New single from Norway’s ViseMènn

Norwegian alternative rock band ViseMènn is set to make its mark with the compelling and transporting tune "Begging You Please".  It's the latest single from Helge Corneliussen (vocals, bass), Lars Olav Mangelrød (guitar, backing vocals), Sølve Eggebø (keyboards, backing vocals), and Magnar Lofthus (drums) and a powerful video, directed by Canadian … [Read more...]

Hombre Malo – Persistent Murmur of Words of Wrath

That's Oslo-based four-piece Hombre Malo rattling the windows with “Persistent Murmur of Words of Wrath.” The seven songs on this band's sophomore album plunge forward with the grunge-inflected insistence of The Melvins channeled through the pummeling modus operandi of Unsane. Their music is sludgy, abrasive, and satisfyingly good. The first … [Read more...]

New Music Spotlight #3

Dangerous Muse – Red EP Electronic synth-pop artist Mike Furey, AKA Dangerous Muse, has been on the scene for a while, breaking through with MTV-approved “The Rejection” in 2006 and with an enticing video for “I Want It All” in 2009 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aN6sc-zpFL0).  Mike has released a string of singles and EPs, with 2 more EPs on … [Read more...]

Interview with Machine Birds

Hi Maria and Marte!  It’s so wonderful to touch base with you both over your recent EP, Save Yourself, and to find out how your debut album is coming along.  I love how your atmospheric, melodic synth-pop often radiates with a bittersweet vibe, where Maria’s gracefully achingly to sharply emphatic vocals are buoyed by Marte’s light, lithe synth … [Read more...]

Turbonegro – Sexual Harassment

Grunge, “skateboard video” rock n’ roll is no stranger to the airwaves, and for some, this sound is ideal for any road trip or party setting. Turbonegro breathes this sound and caters flawlessly to fans of the genre as they fuel the extreme sports population on Volcom’s record label. It’s hard to categorize this album without the safety harness of … [Read more...]

Vreid – V

Though having been around since 2004 when, from the demise of the band Windir (after the death of one of the members) Vreid emerged, it was with their fourth album  Milorg in 2009 that their name started to be talked about in the same breath as the big names in Black Metal. 2010 saw the band selectively choosing shows and festivals whilst … [Read more...]

Kvelertak – s/t

If you want some good hard rock ‘n’ roll with aggression, break neck speed and the ability to fuse the best of many genres then you can do so much worse than take a listen to the debut from Norwegian metalers Kvelertak. Having already received awards the equivalent of the Grammy in their homeland this year, their self titled album should see them … [Read more...]

Fester – “Winter Of Sin”

You know honestly, my first impression was that this is Wyld Stallyns, Bill And Ted's band from Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure. Further on in it's like 1980's era-Suicidal Tendencies mixed in with your little brother's garage band. Winter Of Sin comes from 1992, and has long since been out-of-print. With this re-issue on Abyss Records, they … [Read more...]

NIDINGR – “Fafnismol”

Operatic, dismal, and dark is "Fafnismol". Track one off of Wolf Father, NIDINGR's 2010 release. The album comes after a 5 year hiatus. Anyone who knows anything about Teloch will recognise him as a former guitarist in Gorgoroth. Past ventures aside, Wolf Father is thick, and doom laden. A style not akin to the genre. There are the signature blast … [Read more...]