Lonesummer – Satisfaction Feels Like A Tomb

Despite having a history steeped in lawlessness, black metal has become a battlefield ruled by its own peculiar order. Don't see it? Reference the limited viability of any sound in the genre not stemming from the genus Burzum or Darkthrone, the isolationist allegiance of artists to their own national "scenes", or the ongoing trend in boiling down … [Read more...]

Nekrasov & Aderlating – Split

It takes more than simple dedication to play acolyte to the unwanted; just ask your resident gorehound to fill you in the latest Rue Morgue musings or Fangoria fanfare. Beyond simple date-night viewings, full-on immersion into the deepest of horror culture’s murky waters usually leaves one branded with the stigma of perceived maladjustment – after … [Read more...]

Deathpodal – Exu__Wow EP

I guess it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that Deathpodal’s debut EP Exu__Wow is an incredibly schizophrenic work. First of all, that name doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, and according to the press kit, it’s entirely a solo effort coming from one Alastair J. Chivers, a youthful Scotsman from the semi-burgeoning Glasgow scene. He blends … [Read more...]

Quasi – American Gong

A bruising and balanced rock album, American Gong breathes live rock and roll. The music rings out heavily, its makers often brooding in place, only to aggressively wrench out chords and rhythms seconds later. The music makers are Quasi, a practiced and pedigreed band out of Portland, who, as more or less a side project band, has been playing … [Read more...]

Ceremony – “Someday” 7″

There’s much to be said about bands that break-up and go on to form other bands. One that stands out for me – mostly because they are/were a local band – is At the Drive-In. They’re still responsible for what many consider to be one of the best albums of 2000, Relationship of Command. These break-ups can leave fans waiting for more and ultimately, … [Read more...]

Interview with Maribel

Delusions of Adequacy:  Hiya Pål E and Lewi!  I just adore your sound that melds the dreamy with the dissonant, the melodic with the abrasive, and the languorous with the propulsive, which recalls the best bits of bands like My Bloody Valentine and Serena-Maneesh.  Can you introduce yourselves and go over who plays what and/or sings in the … [Read more...]

Clipd Beaks – To Realize

I first encountered Clipd Beaks when they rolled into town to perform a South by Southwest-like show with fellow noise rockers Mika Miko and No Age. Established at a club that no longer exists, it was a two-story hole-in-the-wall that creatively set up each act to start and end consistently. Mixed in with three other bands that were all travelling … [Read more...]

Matt Weston – Seasick Blackout EP

I like my experimental art noise to be an experience--something that happens to me, a statement I can bear witness to. Preferably, this happens somewhere else besides my house. Seasick Blackout, a short EP of performance noise, fails to connect as an album. I can appreciate challenges to my role as a listener, Matt's as an artist, and our turn … [Read more...]

Maribel – Aesthetics

Maribel band members Liv, Kjetil, Lewi, and Pål hail from Norway and they create unremittingly lacerating, dreamy, melodic, and warped noise à la Serena-Maneesh, with a generous helping of My Bloody Valentine and A Place To Bury Strangers swirled into the gnashing, dashing sonic sea.  The unadulterated tunes overtake the listener with an acute, … [Read more...]

Envenomist – The Helix

David Reed, the guy with the artistic handle Envenomist, is probably a really weird dude. That’s not a bad thing though. He’s probably weird in the awesome sense, like the one time I showed up to a house show an hour early and the dude that lived there was sitting in his living room, not too terribly surprised by my arrival, listening to a … [Read more...]