New EP from Rome’s La Casa Al Mare

La Casa Al Mare, a noise-pop trio from Rome, Italy is set to unveil a debut 7-song EP, This Astro, which gathers together four formerly download-only double A-singles - "M"/"CD Girl" and "Sunflowers"/"Tonight Or Never" - plus three previously unreleased tracks. Visit Bandcamp to stream most of the band's My Bloody Valentine-influenced wares and … [Read more...]

Collide – “Bending and Floating” video

KaRIN and Statik have had a long and active career as the DIY electro-industrial dream machine Collide, releasing their latest album Counting To Zero last autumn.  They hit a high point with the single “Bending and Floating” and its accompanying dreamily dystopian video directed by Edward Mavskegg. The video seems like it comes from a lost … [Read more...]

Short Takes on 2 Albums and 1 EP

Nedry – In A Dim Light Monotreme Records Nedry is back with its 2nd album and it’s a stripped down, subdued affair compared to stunning debut Condors.  Both sonic intensity and vocal angst are dialed down as the band steps away from its earlier electro-rock, dubstep sound.  Ayu Okakita’s previously airy, keening … [Read more...]

Screen Vinyl Image – Strange Behavior

Virginia-based husband and wife duo Jake and Kim Reid, alumni of Shoegazer/New Wave band Alcian Blue, released their debut Interceptors in 2009 and are back with this second album on Custom Made Music.  It’s quite fitting that they share a last name with the Reid brothers of Jesus And Mary Chain because the tunes on Strange Behavior are shot … [Read more...]

Q&A with Lux

Hello Leah and David!  How are you both doing?  I found out about you a while back on MySpace and I’ve been sold on your sound ever since.  I love how you blend your catchy melodies with both synth-pop and noise-rock – at the same time!  Your debut album, We Are Not The Same, is set for an early April release and, after listening to it, I found it … [Read more...]

Pure X – Pleasure

Scaling back their original name - Pure Ecstasy - to the less specific Pure X made sense for this Texas trio. There is a minimalism at work in their music and approach – a purity of execution to their simple, bulbous rhythms and a direct honesty to their record-this-shit-live-while-it’s-hot approach. The “Ecstasy” from their name lives on in the … [Read more...]

The Ropes – “I Miss You Being Gone”

There’s been a ubiquitous advert plastered at MySpace for a New York-based, indie, noise-pop band named The Ropes, where, in a savvy, and enticing, marketing ploy, band members Sharon Shy (vocals, bass) and Toppy (guitars, drums, sounds) have made all of their tunes available as free mp3 or zip downloads at their official site  … [Read more...]

Sourpatch – Crushin’

Sourpatch follows in the footsteps of Vivian Girls with their female-led noise-pop. But let's go ahead and get one thing out of the way. Sourpatch does business very, very similarly to Vivian Girls, so I'll let you decide whether you want to keep reading this or not.... Okay, I like Vivian Girls. They're catchy as hell. But noise-pop (Vivians, … [Read more...]

Little Girls – Concepts

A concept is a thought or notion; something conceived in the mind. Usually when thinking of one, we say things like “the concept of pot making” or “the concept of design” and other such phrases. And usually, when expanding on discussion of said concept, the method can be a heady thing to explain. However, not all concepts need to be complex or … [Read more...]

A Sunny Day in Glasgow – Ashes Grammar

A Sunny Day in Glasgow seemingly came out of nowhere a few years back with a delightfully klangy and blissed-out EP, The Sunniest Day Ever, an even klangier and more blissed-out full-length, Scribble Mural Comic Journal, and a loosely gorgeous and lengthy tour EP, Tout New Age. All of this music was both arty and accessible in the best ways, … [Read more...]