Bardo Pond – Peace On Venus

With a body of work that is sprawling in both its discography entries and its musical mileage, late-comers to Bardo Pond’s world have it tough when seeking to catch-up on and keep-up with the band’s epic psyche-rock journeying, which began twenty or so years ago.  Part of the answer is to stop worrying though, grab some essential ‘official’ albums … [Read more...]

Olekranon – Gaitan

Olekranon’s new full-length release, Gaitan, is another entry in the increasingly visible, small-run, one-man-band vein. Without much presence online, there isn’t much to go on aside from the liner notes which state that the music was done by one Ryan Huber. You wouldn’t be able to guess the nature of the project by listening, though. There is … [Read more...]