Sleepingdog – With Our Heads in the Clouds and Our Hearts in the Fields

Mostly known for his work with Stars of the Lid, Adam Wiltzie has teamed with singer/songwriter Chantal Acda (one half of True Bypass) to form Sleepingdog. Their collaboration has resulted in With Our Heads in the Clouds and Our Hearts in the Fields, a collection of eight serene and palatial dreamscapes with softly sweet vocals. Incorporating … [Read more...]

Short Takes on Three Albums

Smoke Fairies - Ghosts V2 Records Smoke Fairies is the London-based duo of Katherine Blamire and Jessica Davies and the U.S.-only release Ghosts compiles their first two singles and an EP into a 9-song disc of hauntingly stark and beautiful noir alt-folk tunes that revolve around the gals’ ethereal to earthy dual … [Read more...]

Chris Robley & The Fear of Heights – Movie Theatre Haiku

Movie Theatre Haiku marks Chris Robley & The Fear of Heights' third album, another book in their series of heartbreak and mystery.  These new chapters follow characters through journeys into darkness with the optimism shrinking and the anxiety level rising, as their lense on the world becomes narrower as time progresses.  Like a mime slowly … [Read more...]