GOLD – Gold

With a moniker and debut album name as auspicious sounding as GOLD one might expect this Brooklyn based group's first record to be packed to the gills with all sorts of ornate bells and ostentatious whistles. On the contrary, Julie DeLano (bass/lead vocals/songwriting) and her bandmates Christy Davis (drums), Leslie Graves (backing vocals) and … [Read more...]

Eternal Summers – Silver

The early 21st century post-punk revival, spearheaded by the sinewy jams of bands like The Strokes and The Libertines, is showing more age than its 10 years would suggest.  For a movement that was so focused on rock’s most primal and threadbare essentials, it’s sort of confounding to hear so many 2010 acts employing not only the basic … [Read more...]

Danny and The Parkins Sisters – s/t

It's usually a good sign when someone goes into the vault and re-releases lost recordings from an artist. It's usually a sign of the artist's importance, or maybe a measure of the impact that the artist had on the individual responsible for the re-pressing. In the case of Danny and The Parkins Sisters, the artist is a no-wave, near-unknown, … [Read more...]

We Are Hex – Gloom Bloom

Formerly a duo,  We Are Hex apparently recorded an entire album of songs, none of which will ever see the light of day, mostly down to (says the press release) their lack of sound quality. Lots of bands do this, record demo material that doesn't make it onto their full official releases, in fact I suddenly remember reading in a guitar magazine that … [Read more...]