Lorn – Debris EP

Lorn's sophomore release on the groundbreaking Ninja Tune label, whose roster includes Amon Tobin, The Bug, and Coldcut, is certain to raise the bar for intelligent and thought provoking electronic music. Debris bears similar qualities to the American producer's debut, Ask The Dust, minus the creeped-out string arrangements and decrepit vocal … [Read more...]

Bonobo – The North Borders

It has become clear that over the course of a fifteen year career, producer Simon Green aka Bonobo has never called anywhere home. Those early recordings found comfort in the smoky jazz clubs of Paris or sun bleached fishing villages of Southern Italy, but were ultimately discarded in the wake of an ever changing electronic landscape. On his fifth … [Read more...]

Andreya Triana – Lost Where I Belong

One of the most dynamic aspects in electronic music is the skillful ability of being able to turn it into something organic, something almost real. The year’s been filled with massive talent across the board; standing tall and soundly amongst them is Bonobo’s Simon Green whose Black Sands is easily one of the truly great albums of the year. … [Read more...]

Poirier – Running High

The press release for Running High, the latest full length album by Montreal-born dancehall DJ Ghislan Poirier, describes his globe-trotting tendencies by claiming that “he's murdered it in pretty much any place you can pronounce on a map.”  After experiencing this machine-gun style aural assault, there’s hardly any doubt that Poirier has left … [Read more...]

The Long Lost – The Long Lost

Alfred and Laura Darlington have been producing music together in various forms for around fifteen years now, whether as the electronic based Daedelus and Flying Lotus projects, or as the lo-fi acoustic Sa-Ra, or indeed as The Long Lost. This fourteen track album isn't their first release under this name, and as fifteen years is quite a measure of … [Read more...]