Wooden Arms – Trick Of The Light

In my most used music player, the one that I place albums and tracks into for reviewing purposes, there is an unnamed album file containing six also unnamed tracks, an album that I've had for about three years and which every so often I play once more. It is a bit unusual musically, a mixture of alt.folk and orchestral strings that isn't really … [Read more...]

Barry Adamson – Moss Side Story & Oedipus Schmoedipus (vinyl reissues)

Having cut more than just his teeth as a trusted sideman in post-punk pioneers Magazine and within Nick Cave's Bad Seeds from the late-'70s into mid-'80s, the Manchester-born Barry Adamson certainly had a decent CV to expand upon when he began his solo journeying in the late-‘80s.  It’s a trajectory that has seen him carve out distinctive routes … [Read more...]

Record Store Day 2013: In Review

Almost like Christmas, the experience of Record Store Day largely depends on your location and the company you keep.  Whether you jostled with Brick Lane hipsters outside Rough Trade East, trekked to a Leeds industrial estate for the inaugural addition of the affable Norman Records to the scheme, enjoyed the glowing community spirit in the … [Read more...]

Oresteia – Romancing the Damned EP

The cover of this EP, of a man on a stage offering flowers to no one in particular, seems to well capture Oresteia's debut album. There is an odd mix of pretentiousness and bashfulness: the uncertainty of offering the flowers, the wanting to be on the stage and in the spotlight. This is a confident record – almost arrogant -- but it also seems to … [Read more...]

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis release Original Film Score

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis The Road – Original Film Score Out 4th January 2010 “When it comes to film soundtracks some creative partnerships have epic potential… Nick Cave and Warren Ellis are a marriage made not so much in heaven as in a captivating kind of underworld” - Metro Nick Cave and Warren Ellis have been creating music together for … [Read more...]

Piney Gir – The Yearling

What do we know about Piney Gir then? That she originates from Kansas, has lived in London for over a decade, and was a leading light in several noted all female troupes such as the Schla La Las and the Panther Girls. I need to trawl my own memory banks for info here as there isn't an accompanying press release for 'The Yearling', and I think I … [Read more...]